Dr Chris Brown shocks followers with bizarre nipple warning: 'The worst'

'It happens a lot.'

Dr Chris Brown left his social media followers baffled on Thursday when he shared an urgent message about nipples.

The TV personality and veterinarian posted a video on Instagram explaining that clients at his Bondi vet surgery were repeatedly getting their pet’s nipples confused with ticks.

Dr Chris Brown shirtless / Chris' video about his nipple warning.
Dr Chris Brown shared a video about how his clients are mistaking their pet’s nipples for ticks. Photos: Instagram/drchrisbrown

“So after today I feel like I need to remind you that this is not a tick,” he said alongside a photo of a dog’s nipple.

“The moment tick season begins, which is now, I see a dog a week in the vet hospital where their owner has tried to remove… their nipple.”


Chris, who looked perplexed as to how pet owners could keep making the same mistake, explained that both male and female pets have eight to ten nipples.

“So this is what a tick looks like,” he said while showing a photo of the parasite. “You know, maybe free that, not the nipple.”

The former I'm A Celebrity host added in the caption: “I guarantee this will happen again in the next week. Tick season really is the worst…”

A dog's nipple / a tick.
Chris urged his followers to free ticks, not the nipple. Photos: Instagram/drchrisbrown

A number of Chris’ followers took to the comments to express their surprise that people get the two things mixed up, with one person writing: “I’m in shock that people actually do this!”

“Oh it’s real,” Chris responded. “Almost weekly right now!”

“What? How can folks confuse the two?!” someone else said, to which Chris replied, “It happens a lot. Especially on the bigger nipples!”.

Pet owners share their mistakes

Meanwhile, some people shared comments admitting that they have been guilty of making similar mistakes with their pets in the past.

“I once paid $180 to be informed my dog had a mole,” one follower confessed, followed by another who said, “My partner asked in panic what the spots were on our male dog”.


“I made an after hours vet call on a Sunday thinking it was a tick. Turned out to be a $400 skin tag,” someone else wrote.

“When I was a kid, my sisters and I cried cos we thought our dog had tumours. Our dad had to tell us those were the dog’s testicles,” a different user remarked.

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