Donald Trump leaves Melania in the rain without umbrella

Eliza Velk
Junior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

With another day comes another awkward moment between US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

This time, President Trump is being scolded on Twitter for leaving his wife standing in the rain while he walked away with their shared umbrella.

Donald Trump awkwardly holds the hand of First Lady Melania, while forgetting to share his umbrella with her. Source: Getty
The moment was captured before the President and First Lady headed to Florida and Georgia to assess the damage of Hurricane Michael. Source: Getty

The moment was captured on camera as the pair were leaving the White House on their way to the storm-ravaged states of Florida and Georgia to assess the damage from last week’s Hurricane Michael.

After Melania, 48, joined her husband, 72, under the umbrella, Trump walked off to talk to reporters, leaving her standing there without any shelter.

First Lady Melania Trump was left standing in the rain as her husband Donald Trump walked off taking the umbrella. Source: Getty
Ahead of their trip to storm-damaged Florida, Trump stopped to talk to reporters about their television interviews. Source: Getty

In the footage posted to ABC News Politics Twitter page, reporters can be heard asking the couple, “What’s your message to the storm victims,” to which Trump seemingly ignores as he replies saying:

“She did a great job on television the other night, and I didn’t do so bad either. But she did a great job on television,” he said pointing at Melania who is seen slowly creeping back towards him and the umbrella.

He then rejoined Melania in the walk towards the helicopter yet continued to only hold the umbrella over himself despite her being right by his side.

It wasn’t until they were halfway there that he shifted the position of the umbrella to cover his wife as well.

The moment has since gone viral on Twitter and by the looks of it, people aren’t even shocked.

The President continued to only cover himself with the umbrella as the pair walked towards their awaiting helicopter. Source: Getty


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