A Reddit thread has people debating if Aussies lack basic manners

A Reddit thread has people debating if Aussie workers have become rude and entitled.

A debate has broken out amongst everyday Australians after someone posed a simple question on Reddit: Do Australians lack basic manners?

While Aussies may be known for thanking the bus driver and shouting a mate a beer, the Reddit user was getting more specific and talking about Aussies in the workplace and whether they could be more respectful or helpful.

Let's dive straight into the conundrum.

office workers with sydney harbour bridge in background
A Reddit user has asked if Aussies are lacking basic office manners. Photo: Getty

'When it comes to basic manners, Aussies suck'

"OK I might offend some people with it but I am disgusted over this. I work in an office job where all staff makes over 100k/year, all of them are highly skilled but when it comes to basic manners, boy they suck" the Reddit post read.

"Our kitchen sink is always filled or half-filled with dirty dishes (dishwasher is right next to sink). Our toilets are filled with unflushed s**t or toilet paper. People leave their dirty dishes on desks for someone else to pick up the next day and the list goes on.

Why are we lacking basic etiquette?"

The post currently has over 500 comments with people sharing their views on whether they think Aussie workers have become entitled and/or lazy regarding basic office etiquette.

"I've never worked in a place where the dishes have been done! I work in a supermarket and everyone just puts them in the sink. Every so often the manager will just throw them out as punishment. Luckily they know how to flush," one person said.

"The one that does my head in and sends me spare is when people put their dirty dishes into a dishwasher that is clearly filled with clean dishes that needs emptying," another commented.

a comment in a reddit thread about if aussies have bad manners
Aussies are debating on Reddit whether workers lack basic manners. Photo: Reddit

Do women carry more of the load?

Reddit users also debated within the thread whether women in the workforce were predominantly better at keeping things tidier than their male coworkers.

"I’ve worked in a couple of offices and found that signs for this kind of behaviour are up more so where there is a higher male-to-female ratio.

"This also isn’t just an opinion. My workplace did a survey and found that those who took the time to stack/unstack the dishwasher and wipe benches were significantly more likely to be female. They also found that women were more likely to be asked/expected to take notes in meetings too but that’s a different topic," one person said,

"The problem is also significantly worse in male-dominated workplaces. Us men suck at cleaning up after ourselves," another stated.


a woman washing dishes
Some Reddit users think the office cleanup work is unfairly divided across genders. Photo: Getty

"100%. Any office I have worked at with more than 20% men, I reckon has had the issues OP has mentioned. Especially if the men think they are 'hot shots' at their jobs.

I say this as a bloke, many of you need to pick up your act and stop being filthy grubs. Wash your own dishes, flush the toilet, wash your hands," another said.


Not just Australians

"I don't think this is unique to Australia. Rather more indicative of a global trend towards self-centredness. Time was that you'd wash your own mug and if you saw another one, you'd do that too. Now there is definitely more of an attitude that it's someone else's job," one person pointed out.

Read the whole debate on Reddit here.

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