Dessert Masters fans react to tense confrontation after judge calls dish 'trash'

'Are you mocking us?'

Dessert Masters judge Amaury Guichon was left baffled during Monday night’s episode when contestant Andy Bowdy served him a dustpan filled with ‘trash’.

Andy, who made quite the impression in episode one when he served a savoury dessert, continued to think outside the box when tasked with creating 'a dish that isn’t what it seems'.

Dessert Masters judge Amaury Guichon / Andy Bowdy.
Dessert Masters judge Amaury Guichon described Andy Bowdy’s controversial dessert as ‘wet trash’. Photos: Channel 10

His unique dessert featured honey custard, chunks of flourless chocolate cake, smoked almond and cocoa soil, sorrel sorbet, charcoal honeycomb and dehydrated sorrel leaves.

However, world-famous pastry chef Amaury was unimpressed when Andy presented the dish to himself and Melissa Leong as it looked exactly like a pile of garbage.

“Are you mocking us?” he asked.

“Are you trying to say we’re garbage?” Melissa added.

Dessert Masters' Andy Bowdy controversial dessert 'Bound for the Bin'.
Andy titled his dessert, ‘Bound for the Bin’. Photo: Channel 10

'Wet trash'

While Melissa started laughing when Andy announced the name of his dish was ‘Bound for the Bin’, Amaury appeared stone-faced.

“I think it’s very bold to serve this to a customer,” he said. “Picture this, you’re at a nice gastronomic restaurant, you had a beautiful meal, and then someone brings this. You know what I mean? It’s like wet trash.

“When you do such a bold statement, it’s such a big risk so the flavour and the inside must be impeccable.”


After tasting the dessert, Amaury announced he wanted to take back his criticism because he loved it.

“Gorgeous trash, mate,” he said. “It’s so surprising, and it’s a pastry illusion. I would have never went that route.”

“Well talk about turning trash into treasure, this is an absolute gem,” Melissa remarked. “I don’t know that I’ve eaten out of a dustpan before, and it’s so delicious.”

Dessert Masters judges Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon.
Amaury admitted he loved the dish after tasting it. Photo: Channel 10

Viewers react to the awkward interaction

Fans took to social media following the tense moment to share their thoughts, with one person writing: “Is it just me or does Amaury not like Andy?”

“I thought the same thing,” another agreed.

“I think someone doesn't quite understand Aussie humour yet. The look on his face was priceless,” a third replied, followed by someone else who said, “The Australian sense of humour is unique”.

“Judges deliberately [chose] to be insulted by the trash dessert,” a different user remarked.


Meanwhile, others pointed out that the fact Amaury was so insulted by the presentation of Andy’s dish meant he had executed the brief of creating 'a dish that isn’t what it seems'.

“Well if it looks like wet leaves and trash - then he's achieved the mission right?” one viewer commented.

“TBH, Andy has made a dessert that looks like something else,” someone else said, while another wrote, “I love that Andy is messing with Amaury's mind”.

“I love how Andy is taking real risks. Win or lose, it's admirable,” a fourth replied.

Andy ended up winning the challenge alongside Anna Polyviou, who served a hot dog and fries dessert, and they both received immunity from Tuesday night’s elimination.

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