David Beckham called out for hilarious detail in family Christmas photo

Eagle-eyed fans have spotted a hilarious detail in a family photo both David and Victoria Beckham posted to Instagram on Christmas Day.

The image, which shows the famous couple standing in front of a rather large Christmas tree with their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper, features the English former professional footballer apparently on his tip-toes.

David and Victoria Beckham posing with their children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper.
Fans roasted David Beckham for seemingly standing on his tip-toes. Photo: Instagram/victoriabeckham

Victoria’s social media followers pointed out the detail after seeing David’s shoes bent and heels raised, seemingly trying to be as tall as his 19-year-old son, and quickly took to the comments to roast him.

“Wait, is David on his tip-toes!? #romeoistaller,” one fan wrote.

“Amazing pic, especially Mr Beckham on his tip-toes,” another added, followed by a third who asked, “Why is David standing on his tip-toes?”.


“Nice to see you en point David,” someone else replied, while a different user said, “Becks trying to add a few inches”.

“David are you jealous of your son's height?” a fan joked, with another commenting, “I see that tip-toe action bud”.

A number of followers thought that Romeo and Brooklyn were also standing on their toes “to see who’s the tallest”.

The family photo comes shortly after Victoria shared a video of her husband wearing a Santa hat while roasting chestnuts on the fire and singing The Christmas Song.

“Does anyone love Christmas as much as my husband?! Kisses Adele #burninghisnuts” she captioned the clip.

“Oh my God, you’re actually trying,” the Spice Girl said in the video while laughing at David’s performance. “You were trying hard with that vocal!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry… Adele,” he quipped.

David has shared several festive posts on his Instagram recently, including one of his three dogs wearing ‘HO HO HO’ sweaters, and another holding a cup of coffee while wearing his Santa hat in the English countryside.

“Very Christmasy over here, coffee and wine (I promise the wine was yesterday),” he wrote.

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