Victoria Beckham names Aussie brand as her 'skincare favourite'

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Victoria Beckham says she's 'obsessed' with the Australian sustainable brand, Face Halo. Source: Victoria Beckham/Instagram and Adore Beauty
Victoria Beckham says she's 'obsessed' with the Australian sustainable brand, Face Halo. Source: Victoria Beckham/Instagram and Adore Beauty

Victoria Beckham has cemented her status in the spotlight in her own right, launching a global, vegan beauty brand, Victoria Beckham Beauty which sees sell-out makeup and skincare products go viral all over the world.

But recently, she's been promoting a product that's a little closer to home.

In an episode of the Breaking Beauty podcast, the former Scary Spice girl revealed that her favourite go-to skincare product are the Australian brand's Face Halo microfibre pads.

Telling the hosts, Jill Dunne and Carolene Higgins, she said, "I love those makeup wipes. They’re reusable and I’m obsessed with them! I use them all the time, and I take them everywhere."

She also added that her 10-year-old daughter, Harper 'loves them', too.

Victoria Beckham selfie
Victoria Beckham has revealed she loves Australian brand Face Halo. Photo: Insatgram/Victoria Beckham

Saving our skin, and the planet

The reusable makeup wipes were co-founded in Perth by Lizzy Pike as an alternative to single-use wipes which are one of the leading causes of environmental damage.

Since launching only over four years ago in 2017, it's estimated that Face Halo's pads have saved over 370 million wipes in the UK alone.

One Face Halo microfibre pad replaces approximately 500 single-use wipes, preventing one billion disposables from landfills and oceans globally.

While the microfibre pads are spearheading the way for clean and conscious beauty, it's not just their material that is benefitting the earth.


Instead of having to buy another product to use with the pad, the Face Halo pads only require a splash of water to wipe off makeup and exfoliate the skin. It truly is seamless.

The black pouch package with Face Halo's three white makeup remover pads spilling out of it.
Face Halo's microfibre makeup remover pads have saved hundreds of millions of disposable wipes from going into landfills and our oceans. Source: Face Halo

"The fact that you can reuse them is great," Beckham adds, "so they’re sustainable [which] is really key, and they take off make-up really, really well.

"They’re great and they’re soft on your eyes as well, so I really like them.”

How do they work?

Each dual-sided pad features microfibers that are 100 times finer than human hair, which when activated with water, gently clean within the pores to cleanse and exfoliate the skin while removing makeup, dirt and impurities.

They even promise to remove mascara without having to rub the eye and damage the sensitive skin - which also means no panda eyes which we love.

When you've cleaned your skin, simply chuck it in the wash and then it's ready to use another 200 times. Actually.

If you'd rather try to push uses between washes, Face Halo say that each pad is fine to be washed once or twice a week in your regular laundry. So easy!

How can I get them?

In their short four years, Face Halo have already become staples in the kits of not only the everyday skincare enthusiast, but bloggers, celebrities and professional makeup artists earning them awards from Marie Claire Korea Smart Beauty Award 2018 and Refinery29’s Beauty Innovator Award 2017, to name a few.

While their iconic original pads continue to go global, Face Halo has also launched a wider collection of makeup remover pads in a variety of colours as well as a new line of body exfoliators.

The original pads come in a pack of three for $30 and are available to purchase directly through their site as well as Adore Beauty, Myer and Woolworths.

You're welcome.

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