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The 'fantastic' sustainable sunglasses you need this spring

Now you can choose cool sunnies that are good for the planet too.

It's official; winter is behind us for this year, which means it's time to start planning your wardrobe for the warmer months. There's one thing you can start adding to your daily look right away - sunglasses.

This season you can choose super-stylish - and sustainable - sunnies from Aussie brand Sito Shades. Shoppers absolutely love the fit and shape.

"Good quality, good price, and they feel fantastic," wrote one happy wearer in an online review. "Amazing quality, and they sit so nicely," agreed another.

Sito Shades sunglasses; model wearing sunglasses
Sito Shades are sustainable and come in a whole range of new styles, so you can have sunglasses for every occasion. Photo: Supplied

Sito Shades is an Australian B Corp Certified company, which means they're committed to sustainability and social responsibility. This commitment pervades all their decisions and is why the acetate they use in their frames is plant-based, made from natural wood pulp and cotton seeds. Plus, every pair comes packaged in biodegradable or recyclable wrapping, made from ingredients such as sugar cane pulp.

This season, their new collection Shades for Sunshine, includes super cool styles in a range of colours, to suit every face shape. Of course, all the styles come with high-quality UV lenses.

Sweet Harmony

With a sleek cat-eye shape, these shades are chic with a modern twist. They come in a maple brown frame with a brown lens, or a black frame with a blue/grey lens. Perfect with any outfit, on any occasion.

Sweet Harmony shades
Sweet Harmony shades: Photo: Supplied



These frames are a unisex design, with cool geometric angles that are edgy and sophisticated. They're available in a range of colours, including denim blue and this pine needle green. Bold, elegant and trendy, they're a great addition to your summer wardrobe.

Diamond shades
Diamond shades: Photo: Supplied


These unisex frames give a serious nod to the '90s. They're modernised by the fully inset lens that brings a seamless look. They're a medium fit and work well on oval, square and heart-shaped faces.

Endless shades
Endless shades: Photo: Supplied

The Void

Bring some retro vibes to your day with these '70s-style shades. With aviator dimensions, they bring a contemporary edge to vintage cool. They're available in several different shades, including some with polarised lenses.

The Void shades
The Void shades. Photo: Supplied

Dirty Epic

These '50s-inspired shades are great for medium-sized faces. Bold but comfy, they give a timeless look that works perfectly for the beach or a dressier event.

Dirty Epic shades
Dirty Epic shades: Photo: Supplied

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