Husband's request to breastfeeding wife gets roasted online

A man has been slammed and called out for having ‘useless nipples’ online after he asked his wife to cover up when she breastfeeds in public.

The man took to Reddit to ask others for their opinion, saying that he doesn’t have an issue with her breastfeeding in public, but isn’t the biggest fan of her having her ‘breast exposed’.

Young mother breastfeeding her baby boy in public place. Trieste, Italy, Europe
A man has been slammed online for asking his wife to cover up while breastfeeding in public. Photo: Getty Images

He explained that the first few times she tried it, he just hinted that it might make others in the vicinity uncomfortable but when she didn’t stop, he told her that it actually made him uncomfortable and he didn’t want her to do it anymore unless she covered up.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate when there are people nearby,” he said.

The man’s wife tried covering up a few times but she “said she felt like the baby didn’t latch and feed as well,” which the man said he “found hard to believe”.

“I asked her to keep trying because it would probably take time to get used to a new routine for them both,” he continued.

“She told me she didn’t want to try anymore and wanted to go back to how things were, but I told her that I still felt the same way and didn’t know if I would feel comfortable being around her when she did this if she was going to keep doing it without a covering. That is when she called me an asshole and we had a fight.”

Mother breastfeeding her baby outdoor
The man said he has no issue with her breastfeeding in public but he's 'uncomfortable' with her not covering up. Photo: Getty Images

He ended by saying that he doesn’t think his request is “unreasonable” and he is “only asking her to be respectful of people around her”.

Within minutes of posting online, the man was roasted by people who accused him of being selfish.

“Let me get this straight — she says the baby isn’t latching and feeding as well, but you and your useless nipples decide that can’t be true,” one person wrote.

“So then you ask her to keep trying something that makes her uncomfortable because of your comfort level. You are uncomfortable with breasts being used for their intended purpose.”


Another person commented saying: “I don't think you'd eat as well with a blanket thrown over your head either.”

While another person said: “She doesn't have to cover herself for the sake of you or anyone else's comfort. It's so sad that you as the father of her child aren't supportive of her feeding her child. Stop sexualizing her breasts.”

Obviously realising that maybe he is actually in the wrong, the man locked the thread so nobody else can comment on it.

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