Hilarious post about 'bored' Kmart husband leaves shoppers in stitches

A hilarious note exposing the mischievous behaviour of a ‘bored’ husband in Kmart has left social media users in stitches after it was shared on Facebook.

Forced to accompany his wife on her shopping trips to the discount retailer, the cheeky chap identified only as ‘Mr Harris’ in the post made sure to keep himself entertained with a series of pranks.

Hilarious post about Kmart husbands. Photo: Facebook.
The mischievous ways of a 'Kmart husband' have been exposed in a letter shared on social media. Photo: Facebook.

From hiding in racks of clothing to surprise unsuspecting customers to pitching a tent in the camping section, Mr Harris ‘caused quite a commotion’ according to a letter from the store, which ended up slapping both him and his wife with a ban.

The crime that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, occurred on October 27 and left one staff member slightly traumatised.

“[Mr Harris] went into a fitting room, shut the door, waited a while; then yelled very loudly ‘Hey! There's no toilet paper in here!’ One of the clerks passed out,” the letter states.

Playful senior couple at weakly flea market - Concept of active elderly with mature man and woman having fun and shopping in the old town - Happy retirement moments on a warm vintage nostalgic look
A cheeky chap has landed himself and his wife with a ban after pulling pranks in Kmart. Photo: Getty Images.

If the man’s antics seem too outrageous to be true, then you might be right. As one person noted in the comments, the post appears to be a Kmart version of a widely circulated letter about a similarly silly Walmart husband.

Real or not, Facebook users got a kick out of the post, which has attracted hundreds off likes.

Hilarious letter about a naughty Kmart husband
Hilarious post about a naughty Kmart husband. Photo: Facebook.

“Hilarious, I had a male friend who did this sort of thing which always ended with his wife yelling at him,” wrote one.

“Hope it doesn’t give any of the poor suffering men any ideas lol,” said another.

“If that’s not a good enough reason to leave them home with a list of jobs to do; vacuum, hang out the washing, make a bed etc.,” pointed out one.

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