'I make 100 per cent of the money': Husband slammed over sexist comments

Stay at home mums are fuming after a post on Mumsnet, the UK’s biggest online parenting network, sent users into a frenzy.

The post appeared as a thread on the Am I Being Unreasonable? discussion board, posing the age-old question: How should childcare be split between working and stay at home couples?

The woman said she was having an argument with her DH ‘darling husband’ after he slept in until 2:30pm on a Saturday.

“I said I do 100% of the childcare and need a break or at least some help from time to time. His reply ‘well I make 100% of the money’,” she wrote, clarifying that she is a happy SAHM (stay at home mum).

Who do you think is BU (being unreasonable)?
Who do you think is BU (being unreasonable)?

Calling Bulls*@t

People were quick to leap to the woman’s defence, with the majority saying her husband is being unreasonable and calling out his lack of respect for her work looking after their children.

“He is BU [being unreasonable]. Give him an invoice for everything you take care of, childcare, meals, shopping, cleaning etc etc,” wrote one user.

“He is being very unreasonable. At the weekend, everything should be shared. Why does he get to have a job for 5 days and your job is apparently 24-7?” commented another.

And then a third added, “I’d be out of there if someone took this attitude with me. He also made 50% of the children.”


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An SAHM with her DD and DS. Photo: Getty

You better work

Many commenters were supportive of the OP’s [original poster] comment that she should “get a job just to shut him up”.

”You probably should start looking for a job OP,” said one. “IME [in my experience] one parent staying at home only works well if the other parent respects and values that role. It doesn't sound like that's the case here.”

However, there were a small selection of voices of dissent, arguing his work has more value than hers or that childcare isn’t work at all.

One wrote, “It’s work for someone else to look after your kids, but I don’t see it as work to look after my own kids. It’s enjoyable, it's a pleasure, you are lucky if you can do it and not have to go out to work. It's not work.”

“Being out at work every day is not the same as being at home with kids. Yes, they're hard work but it's not the same as dealing with management, clients, colleagues etc.” But she was also critical of the DH “But his comment was twattery,” another said.


Hellloooooooooooooo possums.
Hellloooooooooooooo possums. Photo: 20th Century

Ultimately, everyone at least agreed that 2:30pm is a ridiculous time for an adult man with a wife and children to get out of bed. ON BOTH DAYS.

“Having a lie-in is fine but a lie in both days and until 2.30pm is taking the absolute p**,” wrote one user.

“But surely a lie-in as a parent is till about 10am not 2.30pm,” said another.

“I was in this situation and we took it in turns to have lie-ins at weekends,” commented a third. “So one lie-in a week each. Not till 2.30pm though.”

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