Crumbl Has A Luscious Strawberry Shortcake Dessert Just In Time For July 4th

Crumbl strawberry shortcake
Crumbl strawberry shortcake - Crumbl

The change never stops at Crumbl, and now one of the chain's newest menu innovations is being brought to the 4th of July. The cookie (or now bakery) company has built its popularity on an ever-rotating menu of endless cookie flavors, yet even as it tops 1,000 locations nationwide this year, it's looking to mix up its week-to-week business even more. Early this year Crumbl debuted new cinnamon squares as one of its rotating flavors, its first non-cookie offering. It went well enough that the squares have seemingly entered the recurring Crumbl cookie menu, and follow-up non-cookie offerings like carrot cake have continued to roll. Now another classic cake is making its way to your local store for the upcoming holiday, with strawberry shortcakes hitting the menu this week for Independence Day.

The new strawberry shortcake will be available until July 6 and features two layers of vanilla shortcake with fresh whipped cream filling and house-made strawberry jam, according to a press release sent to Tasting Table. As a larger offering from Crumbl, it is meant to be shared, with Rhonda Bromley, the VP of PR at Crumbl saying, "Its delightful blend of flavors and generous size make it an ideal choice for gatherings and holiday events." Sounds like the new strawberry shortcake could be a nice, easy dessert for your 4th of July barbecue.

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Crumbl's Weekly Menu Is Full Of Classic American Flavors

Crumbl strawberry shortcake in hand
Crumbl strawberry shortcake in hand - Crumbl

Joining strawberry shortcake on the menu for the 4th of July are the always-available chocolate chip, and four other Crumbl cookie flavors that should fit right in at your summer celebration. The first is a birthday cookie, honoring our nation's 248th birthday, which has been given a patriotic twist in the form of red, white, and blue sprinkles. There is also a s'mores cookie, which packs a graham cracker cookie with chocolate chips, and a marshmallow and chocolate drizzle topping. Rounding out the menu are two classic American flavors, an apple pie cookie made with a butter cookie base and apple cinnamon pie filling, and a cornbread cookie with honey butter glaze, honey buttercream frosting, and a honey drizzle.

The strawberry shortcake flavor may be pointing towards the future of Crumbl beyond July 4 as well. The company dropped the "cookies," from its name when it launched its non-cookie offerings earlier this year, and it recently acquired a small pie company named Crust Club. While Crumbl doesn't have any plans to merge the two businesses yet, instead focusing on franchising the business, it's not hard to see the potential for pie-related offerings to show up at Crumbl, especially since Crust Club focuses more on savory offerings and they wouldn't be stepping on each other's toes. For a company as open to innovation and risk-taking as Crumbl, it seems like anything is potentially on the menu.

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