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The debate over whether pickles belong in burgers has finally been resolved

An Oxford Professor has spoken.

To pickle or not to pickle? It's an age-old question; do pickles belong in burgers or not?

Now a Professor from Oxford University has weighed in on the debate, and the proof is in; pickles in burgers give optimum taste in comparison to a burger that's pickle-free.

“There is no right or wrong way to eat a burger, however keeping pickles inside your burger is the best way to get the full potential out of every bite," he confirms.

In his research, Professor Charles Spence highlights several reasons pickles belong in burgers. Science dictates that the acidity of pickles perfectly balances out the flavours of meat, and the crunchy texture contrasts well with other ingredients to take satisfaction to another level. Plus, the pop of green colour of pickles adds to the visual experience of chowing down on a burger.

Professor Charles Spence looking at pickles in test tubes
Professor Charles Spence has proven pickles definitely do belong on burgers. Photo: Supplied

Now Red Rooster has taken the professor's advice on board and is introducing the Picklebird burger.

Their fried chicken burger heroes the humble pickle. The pickles come on top of fresh chicken tenders in the Red Rooster signature crunchy coating. There's also fresh tomato, lettuce, a slice of cheese, some tangy Chipotle pickles and a special sweet Pickle Mayo, all housed in a soft potato bun.


Red Rooster's Picklebird Burger
Red Rooster's Picklebird Burger is available now. Photo: Supplied

For a limited time only, you can also try the Smokin' BBQ Crunch Fried Chicken. The sauced fried chicken comes with a sticky and smokey BBQ sauce to add some serious flavour.

Red Rooster has been in Australia for over 50 years and specialises in both roast and fried chicken. They've recently been investing in restaurant refurbs and menu innovations. All their restaurants are franchises and are treated as individual small businesses owned by a local. Franchise owners employ locals and give back to the community.

Picklebird burgers are available permanently on menus at Red Rooster and are available at Drive Thru, Dine In, Take Away and Delivery.

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