'Creepy' bouncer's note for drunk woman goes viral: 'Don't panic!'

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A bouncer has been slammed over a note they shared with a woman who was apparently too drunk to get home on her own the night before.

A Reddit user posted a photo of the note to the MadeMeSmile sub-Reddit with the caption, "Wholesome Bouncer," but many people thought otherwise.

A security man
A bouncer's 'creepy' message has gone viral after being shared to Reddit with many being left confused by the note. Photo: Getty

The note begins by telling the reader, "DON'T PANIC. There's paracetamol in the top drawer and bottled water on the side. The bathroom is straight across from you."

They then go on to say that the reader is at the home of the bouncer they "were talking to last night".

"You weren't in a state to be left alone, wouldn't/couldn't get in a taxi, and none of your friends were answering the phone," the note continued.

The bouncer also shares that the woman's clothing is "in the washing machine/tumble dryer" as she'd vomited on them, also adding that "there's some oversized hoodies in the drawers" for her to wear in the interim.


The note then finishes, "What now? Whatever you like, sneak out without a word (follow the road downhill to the city centre), or stay in bed, there's clean towels on the bannister, possibly food in the fridge, a sticker with the WiFi password on it somewhere in the living room, Netflix on the TV, and the dog loves to be played with."

The first comment jokingly reads, "And [by the way] I'm a big fan of your Misery novels," referencing the Kathy Bates film Misery where she kidnaps and takes James Caan's character Paul, a best-selling novelist, prisoner, claiming to be his biggest fan.

Creepy note written by bouncer
A Reddit user shared a photo of the note to the MadeMeSmile sub-Reddit with the caption, "Wholesome Bouncer," but many people thought otherwise. Photo: Reddit

Another commenter jokingly called him a "wholesome kidnapper".

"Right? This goes way beyond being a ‘good samaritan’," another wrote. "Bouncer should ease up with this nice guy shtick. Especially, the whole taking their clothes off and washing it part. Put them on a cot somewhere and leave some helpful information. No taking anyone to a spare bedroom. No removing of clothes. Don’t give yourself THAT much work AND risk. The fact he opens with DON’T PANIC, shows this probably doesn’t work sometimes."

"Considering the font, design layout, and how specific the content of the message, it seems he's a pro at bringing people home. I'd panic!" a fourth added.

"Probably not the best idea to take someone’s clothes off while they are passed out," someone else wrote.

"I’d like to think this person was conscious when they came back to the house & took off their own soiled sweater to be washed and this note is just to cover the bases in the morning in case they don’t remember," one person added. "If not, then yeah, definitely a bit creepy… although I guess there are much worse places you could end up."

"Even if it was real, the fact that they printed this is extra creepy," another wrote. "Handwritten would do, if you even thought this was a good idea. Theres a terrifying perfectionism to it."

"An attempt to be wholesome in some eyes but ultimately ends up with an arrest for kidnap or some other charge," someone else said.

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