Waitress horrified after receiving creepy message and $1000 tip

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An American waitress was left horrified after she received a very creepy note from a customer when she went to collect their bill.

The customer, who also left a huge tip of $1000 ($1350 AUD), had shared their phone number and wrote, "Beautiful nipples princess. Call me."

A waitress has shared a shocking message from a customer who tipped her $1000 for a creepy reason. Photo: Getty

They then signed the note as "The Master" and shared the name of their company.

A photo of the receipt was shared to Reddit leaving many people disgusted by the man's comments.

"I would feel so grimey receiving this message," one user commented.

"Poor girl," another agreed.


While others thought the huge tip was enough to make up for it.

"As a person who has worked in the service industry for years I can say there’s not an ounce in my body that would be upset by this," one person said.

"You can write me anything if you’re giving me $1000," someone else joked.

receipt tip with creepy message
The message said the waitress had "beautiful nipples". Photo: Reddit

"Wish someone would make a trashy comment about me for a thousand bucks," another said.

"Hey a thousand bucks is a thousand bucks. Take it and run," one said.

Others didn't believe the note was real with one user writing, "I note, with interest, that the pic doesn’t include the bottom of the receipt. Dollars to donuts this was the ‘customer copy’ and the ‘merchant copy’ says something entirely different."

"The pen type appears different between the tip and total?" another questioned.

"Yep my own bulls**t-o-meter was twitching," someone else wrote.

"Yeah, it's awfully fake. But kinda funny for its ridiculousness anyway," a fourth agreed.

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