Influencer called out for not wearing a mask in Big W: 'Disgusting'

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A Gold Coast influencer has faced backlash by her followers after sharing a video where she can be seen shopping at a local Big W store without wearing a face mask, despite current public health orders.

Chloe Szepanowski and boyfriend Mitchell Orval - known as the son of popular YouTuber "Angry Dad" - have built a large online following with their health and wellness advice. But have reportedly been "bleeding followers" after sharing their controversial Covid views.

Chloe Szepanowski
Chloe Szepanowski is a Gold Coast influencer with thousands of followers across Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Photo: Youtube

This latest clip on Youtube, which shows Chloe walking around Big W to buy a potty for their one-year-old son Arti, while talking to Mitch who is filming, has been slammed by many and called "disrespectful".

Current health orders in southeast Queensland require people to wear a face mask when they leave home in most indoor and outdoor spaces, unless they have a lawful reason not to. It is not believed either of the pair are medically exempt from wearing a mask, reports


The video has received almost 3.5K dislikes, compared to only 2.4K likes.

"It is absolutely disgusting that you think it is okay to use a platform like this to literally endanger and risk other people’s lives," one person fumed in the comments.

"It’s disgusting seeing you and Chloe not wearing masks while out shopping. You’re clearly too privileged," was another angry response.

"You can’t even do a simple thing like wear a mask in a public place, endangering the lives of others...Absolutely disgusting behaviour from people who are supposed to be ‘influencers’," was another comment, while a fourth simply wrote: "The self entitlement is gross."

big w
Current health orders in southeast Queensland require people to wear a face mask in most indoor and outdoor spaces. Photo: Getty

According to an Instagram page called Aussie Influencer Opinions, Chloe, who also has thousands of followers on the site, has lost close to 20,000 fans in recent months, as reported by Pedestrian.

Over on TikTok, the hashtag #chloeszep has also been flooded with videos from former fans saying they have stopped following the pair.

"I’ve never hit unfollow so quick in my life wow," one video was captioned.

Chloe, however hasn't seemed fazed by the backlash, responding to the criticism with another TikTok video captioned "How to continue on with your day even if you don’t agree with something".

But the clip only left more of her followers 'disappointed'.

"I am just so disappointed. I have followed you for YEARS," one fan commented.

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