Number one thing couples fight over when they move in together

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Moving in with your partner is a big milestone in any relationship.

Being suddenly thrust together (especially 24/7 as we have been during the pandemic), it’s likely there will be some habits that will annoy you.

Couple arguing at home
Here are the top things people argue about when they move in together, according to one survey. Photo: Getty Images

The most common grievance for cohabiting partners? Their significant other leaving clothes, bags and shoes everywhere, according to new research from UK removals firm Good Move.


Other grievances that made the top 10 include: leaving the toilet seat up, not doing the washing up, leaving hair in the drain and spending too much time on video games.

The research also found that 22% of couples move in together between one and two years of dating.

Top 10 grievances of couples living together

  1. Leaving clothes/bags/shoes everywhere - 22%

  2. Leaving the toilet seat up - 21%

  3. Not doing the washing up - 21%

  4. Amassing lots of hair in the drain - 19%

  5. Leaving hair clips around - 19%

  6. Not cleaning up after cooking - 18%

  7. Leaving wet towels around the house - 17%

  8. Not doing chores unless asked - 17%

  9. Spending too much time on video games - 17%

  10. Not taking the bins out - 16%

Other bugbears the study pointed to included watching a series without the other person and staining the sheet with fake tan.

Couple arguing
Leaving clothes/bags/shoes everywhere was the top grievance. Photo: Getty Images

It seems these habits can take a toll on relationships as the study found that 56% of people surveyed said they had broken up after moving in together.

Out of this group, 9% said they broke up after four to six months, 8% after less than three months and 2% called it quits after less than one month of living together.

Co-habiting can take a strain on longer relationships too - 6% of people reporting breaking up with their partner five years after moving in together.

Reporting by Laura Hampson

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