Costco's Fan-Favorite Combo Pizza Is Returning, But There's A Big Catch

Costco food court pizza slice
Costco food court pizza slice - Helen89/Shutterstock

After four long years, Costco is bringing back its combo pizza -- in take-and-bake form. While you still may not be able to grab a hot and fresh slice at Costco's beloved food courts, the supreme style pizza will be available for members to bring home and cook for themselves. Rumors of a new take-and-bake combo pizza option at Costco buzzed around back in March 2024, but no one had actually spotted any for sale until now.

The news was first discovered by a Reddit user from Honolulu, Hawaii, who shared a photo of Costco's banner advertising the combo pizza's return. For $16.99, pizza lovers can bring home a Kirkland signature pizza topped with sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. Upon close inspection, however, the pizza looks a bit different than fans may remember it looking pre-pandemic. Rather than the traditional circular pie, the take-and-bake combo pizzas appear rectangular with a rather thick crust. For now, Costco members are feeling lucky to have a combo pizza option at all.

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Fans Have Been Clamoring For The Combo Pizza's Return

Costco combo pizza banner
Costco combo pizza banner - Reddit/Sweaty_Yak_3078

The combo pizza option was a mainstay at Costco's food court, accompanying the traditional cheese and pepperoni options. But during the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Costco discontinued the combo pizza pie altogether. The company never made an official statement explaining why, although people had speculated that it could have been an attempt at simplifying operations and minimizing the menu due to health and safety concerns.

Whatever the reason, members are happy to see the reemergence of the popular combo pizza option, even if it is in take-and-bake form for the time being -- on the plus side, you won't have to wait in that long Costco food court line. Some members, however, were slightly concerned about the price. A whole combo pie at Costco's food court used to be $9.99, but the take-and-bake version is now priced seven dollars higher. Some Reddit users speculated that this price may just be due to higher costs at the location in Hawaii, but another Reddit user claiming to work in a Costco deli shared that these heat-at-home pizzas will all be priced at $16.99, regardless of location. If you are really dying to taste a combo pie from Costco again, get ready to spend a bit more time and money.

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