Fans Can't Get Over Miley Cyrus' Plunging Top and Red Leather Mini Shorts in New Video: 'Officially in Love'

Fans can’t get enough of a new video advertisement starring Miley Cyrus that embraces fan enthusiasm for her hit song “Flowers.”

Gucci released the ad on social media on Friday, June 28. In the first few hours after it was posted on Instagram, several of the former Disney Channel star’s fans praised the ad’s concept and execution, with many in agreement that the final product was an example of “genius marketing.”

“Incredible campaign! Way to go guccibeauty❤️,” one fan wrote as another agreed, writing, “that is THE best commercial ever omg miley you slayed.”

The ad began with a shot of Cyrus, 31, walking along a path wearing red heels, red leather mini shorts and a gray shirt with several buttons left undone to create a plunging neckline. The Hollywood Sign was briefly visible in the background as “Flowers” began to play.

As the ad continued, a close-up view of the former Hannah Montana star showed she was also wearing one large “G” gold earring as a nod to the brand and a matching belt buckle. She locked her eyes on the camera as she started running along a path dotted with colorful flowers, later breaking eye contact as she found herself surrounded by floating flower petals.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer then dove into a pool that was similarly decorated with flowers before stepping out and striking one final pose as the camera panned out to reveal the Hollywood Sign right behind her.

As Gucci explained in its Instagram post, the video was an ad for the brand’s Flora Gorgeous Orchid Eau de Parfum. The ad was designed to tell "a story of empowerment and self-love, one that embodies the radiant and unexpected facets of the new fragrance,” according to the Instagram caption.

“[I]’m officially in love,” one fan wrote.

“Wow great video, love you miley. 💐🌺🌸,” one person commented while another suggested that the ad could be considered the “alternative music video” for the song, which earned Cyrus her first two Grammy Awards earlier this year.

“ALLL the flowers of this world are for YOU, Miley! 💐 Keep blooming! ❤️🔥,” one Instagram user said as another declared, “She's blooming ❤️.”

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