McDonald’s Fans ‘Going to Lose it’ Over New Milkshake Flavor That ‘Tastes Like Summer’

McDonald's officially has the next best sweet treat for fans, with the food chain introducing a limited-time Orange Cream Pop Shake that "tastes like summer."

Food influencer Snackolator shared the exciting news on Instagram—but there's a catch, as the new release is currently only available in Canada.

"McDonald's just dropped an Orange Cream Pop Shake in Canada and I'm going to lose it over here watching everything good end up in Canada!" the caption read, with Snackolator arguing, "This one just looks like a great summer option and given the orange creamsicle trend... would be great here."

According to the Canadian McDonald's website, the new shake is "the refreshing flavour of an orange cream pop blended with creamy vanilla soft serve."

Snackolator also pointed out other menu items Canadian McDonald's locations got recently while America went home empty-handed, including a Strawberry Cheesecake McFlurry, McShaker Fries and a new Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

Like Snackolator, many other fans were bummed by the Canada-exclusive milkshake, with one commenting, "Okay Canada you win US McDonald’s gets nothing good 😭."

"Why Canada get all the good stuff 😭," said another, while a third asked McDonald's, "why do you love Canada more?! Where did we hurt you?"

Someone else added, "McDonald’s in Canada is laughing at America so hard right now."

When the new McShaker Fries and interesting seasoning flavors, like Ramen and Tzatziki, were announced recently, fans were equally upset that the United States wasn't included in the release. Previously, McDonald's released Churros and Masala flavors that were a huge hit with Canadian customers.

A recent addition to the American McDonald's menu was the Grandma McFlurry, which includes "delicious syrup and chopped, crunchy candy pieces (like grandma's favorite treat that she hid in her purse!)," as described by the food chain. The treat has gotten mixed reactions from McDonald's fans.

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