Coles Special Buys aisle falls flat with Aldi customers: 'Pitiful'

However some shoppers have suggested that Coles was actually the OG destination for Special Buys.

Supermarket giant Coles' attempt to recreate Aldi's beloved 'Special Buys Aisle' has received a resounding thumbs down from shoppers.

A photo of the Coles' version, called 'Best Buys', was shared in a popular Aldi Fans Facebook group with a caption that read: "It's a pitiful effort TBH."

Coles Best Buys Aisle in supermarket
The original poster amusingly pointed out the absence of "floating Bluetooth speakers or night vision goggles" at Coles. Photo: Facebook/Aldi Fans Australia

Alongside the image shared of Coles' Best Buys aisle, the poster playfully commented: "No floating Bluetooth speakers, no garden samurais or meerkat, no onesie sleeping bag suit, no night vision goggles," poking fun at the fantastical items typically found in Aldi's Special Buys aisle that people never knew they always needed.


In comparison, Coles' Best Buys aisle showcased items such as a pet bed, plant stand, dog toys, and standard kitchen appliances, prompting some humorous reactions from group members.

"Amateurs," one person laughed, while another joked, "Nobodies lowering their door frames for that garbage."

Adding to the humour, someone quipped: "Any beekeepers' hats or trombones?" and another exclaimed, "Wait, no unicycles, diving suits, backscratchers, and ubiquitous snow gear? Shocking!"

The much-loved Aldi 'Special Buys Aisle' offers limited-time and unique products at discounted prices. Photo: Facebook/Hope Island Marketplace
The much-loved Aldi 'Special Buys Aisle' offers limited-time and unique products at discounted prices. Photo: Facebook/Hope Island Marketplace

Coles' Best Buys not a recent addition

Interestingly, several group members pointed out that Coles' Best Buys aisle is not a new phenomenon.

"They've been doing it at my local Coles for several years now," one person mentioned. Another chimed in, "I haven't seen a Coles without it. Almost all have them, however, each store is located differently. Some stores have a full bay set up for them like the photo, others just have random shelves."

To provide some historical context, someone else clarified, "Best Buys have been happening back in the days of Coles New World, which predates Aldi by at least 20 years. So, I'd say Aldi Special Buys is a rip-off of Coles Best Buys."

Not everyone was let down by Coles' Best Buys aisle, one shopper came to the store's defence, highlighting their finds in the discounted section.

"We found an air purifier, battery bank and a huge first aid kit for the car at Coles Special Buys. Maybe nothing there of interest to you... but what they have could be of interest to someone else."

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, a Coles spokesperson said: "Coles Best Buys has been around since 2019 and is available online and at more than 550 Coles supermarkets right across Australia. The program pays homage to Coles New World, when founder GJ Coles started selling department-style appliances and homewares in the early 1920s to make every day items more affordable.

Coles supermarket
Coles Best Buys have been around since 2019. Photo: Getty Images

"As a customer-obsessed retailer, Coles Best Buys is all about offering our customers great value on products you normally wouldn’t see sold in supermarkets – from furniture and homewares to sporting equipment and bedding, while always offering competitive prices on comparable products. Each week, Coles Best Buys evolves with different themes and each range is designed to provide convenient and affordable options for Coles customers. It’s also a chance for us to surprise our customers with innovative products and add some fun and excitement to their grocery shop at Coles.

"Coles Best Buys also has an exclusive online range on where you will find rare bulky items that are delivered straight from our suppliers – popular products like Apple iPhones and iPads, outdoor furniture and inflatable pools. There are over 4000 products available online with new products launching each week, plus all orders include FREE DELIVERY, no matter where you are in Australia.

"We reveal what is on sale every Monday ahead of the Friday event via our catalogue, so we recommend checking our website for updates on the range and store listing."

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