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Coles shoppers go mad for human-sized pet beds: 'OMG I need one'

Shoppers just can't seem to get enough of these human-sized dog beds

If you’re all about cuddling up with your fur babies on the couch, there’s a new must-have item you need in your life. Introducing The Nap Bed - a human-sized version of a comfy pet bed, making it the ideal place to snuggle with your furry friend or simply use it as the perfect place to take a nap.

It's not just the perfect size to cuddle up alongside your cat or dog either, it's also big enough for multiple people to snuggle up on too!

A woman lying with her cat on a giant pet bed
The human pet bed is flying off shelves at Coles, with shoppers keen to get their hands on one. Photo: Coles

'I need this!'

The giant beds are now being available as part of Coles Better Buys deals and pet owners are going crazy for them.

“I need this in my life," one person commented on the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook page.

“Come on... this looks so comfy!” replied another enthusiastic shopper.

Just like a normal pet bed, the Nap Bed has been designed with non-shedding material, is available in three different colours and has a machine washable cover. The only difference is, it’s made for humans to enjoy just as much as their pets.

Human pet bed
The human-sized pet bed is designed to be shared with pets but can be used by the entire family. Source: Facebook


Described by some as their 'dream bed', the huge 180-centimetre-long fluffy mattress is made from faux fur and even comes with head and neck support. It also has a thick cushioned border around the edges for added comfort.

There are even specially-made blanket bed sets that can be bought separately to make napping even more cosy!

How much is it?

The Nap Bed is currently available at Coles online for $189 - a budget price compared to other human-sized pet beds which retail for over $400 on Etsy.

Human pet bed
This version of the human dog bed is available on Etsy for $468. Source: Etsy

Yet, while lots of pet lovers wanted to get their hands on one, others weren’t too keen on the idea of sharing a bed with their pet.

“Looks like a fluffy coffin! Bloody ridiculous!” one person said.

“Just why?” asked another. “Could you imagine the dog hair! Ewwwww.”

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