Coles called to drop Pete Evans over 'bullsh*t virus' comment

Shoppers are calling for Coles, Pan Macmillan publishing and other brands who stock chef Pete Evans’ goods to end their relationship with the controversial figure after he made more explosive comments about the coronavirus.

In a podcast appearance, Pete Evans’ called the coronavirus it a ‘bullsh*t virus’ and questioned the role of people’s lifestyle choices in whether they die of the deadly disease, and whether we should sacrifice freedoms to keep them safe.

Photo: Nine/ Coles
Photo: Nine/ Coles


Pete’s controversial, or ‘dangerous’ comments

On Friday, Pete appeared on podcast Ideas Digest when he made comments he himself admitted were ‘controversial’.

Of the virus, Pete said he ‘chose not to believe the narrative’ that humans are contagious.

“So [do] we have the belief in ourselves that we are contagious, that we are spreaders of something? I choose not to believe in that narrative because it doesn’t make any sense to me,” he said.

When asked whether he was concerned his choice may lead to the death of vulnerable people the chef audibly scoffed, saying ‘it doesn’t’ before laughing out loud.

Pete Evans coronavirus comment Ideas Digest
Pete made the comments on online podcast channel Ideas Digest.Photo: Getty Images

Evans also questioned the role that those more vulnerable to the disease played in their own susceptibility, seeming to question whether healthy people should have to change their habits to protect unhealthy people.

“Now it's very controversial, but how did these people live their lives?” he said of people with ‘comorbidities’ who contracted the virus. “What choices did they make through their lives to get type 2 diabetes or heart disease or this or that or the other?”

He later added: “How do we justify certain behaviours for a population… for example somebody that has lived a life and not looked after themselves, gotten to a point where they’re sick[…] you’re healthy so does that mean you can’t live your life, based off the choices that other people have made?”

The podcast has 145 subscribers on YouTube and most videos have less than 50 views, but Evans continues to boast 1.5 million followers on his official social media pages.

Coles, Pan Macmillan called to cut ties

Clips of the video were shared to Twitter by user ‘Cam’, who called for brands including Coles and Pan MacMillan publishers who sell Evans’ food products and publish his cookbooks to call off their relationship with the chef over the comments.

Pan Macmillan have published17 books by the author according to their website, and Coles stocks his range of simmer sauces, one of which was recalled earlier this week.

Woolworths was also included in the list but currently appear to not stock any of the chef’s goods.

Coles Pete Evans simmer sauces
Coles stocks his simmer sauces. Photo: Coles

Other users quickly picked up the cry, with dozens tweeting and calling for the brands to respond.

“What a load of utter delusional nonsense from Pete Evans,” one user wrote. “Blaming people for their ”life choices” in getting sick.... The people/companies enabling and propping this guy up should perhaps re-evaluate their social responsibility.”

Another tagged MacMillan publishing asking: “Still publishing Pete Evans?”

“I would like to hear from these outlets to see how they can justify supporting [Pete],” another wrote.

“We need to have some accountability here,” another wrote. “Pete Evans is maliciously & dangerously spreading misinformation which can endanger lives; we need these stores & publishers to step up and send a clear message. Now.”

MacMillan and Coles have been contacted for comment.

Pete Evans has been contacted for comment.

Pete has been outspoken on the coronavirus all year, initially slammed for spruiking a useless $15,000 lamp as a potential coronavirus treatment online.

The paleo diet advocate was slapped with a $25,200 fine from the Therapeutic Goods Administration over the lamp claim and left Channel 7 shortly after.

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