Coffee Mate's First-Ever Summer Flavor Is An Orange Lover's Dream

Coffee mate orange creamer with iced coffee
Coffee mate orange creamer with iced coffee - Coffee mate

Coffee creamers typically use headier flavors to complement a cup of joe's intensity. Caramel and hazelnut, which mirror a crisp autumn day, sweeten coffees without offering brighter flavors. With its upcoming release, Coffee mate is here to change that. For a limited time, the brand is coming out with an orange cream pop-flavored creamer to celebrate summer.

Coffee mate announced its newest product, the Orange Cream Pop Flavored Duo Creamer, will be released this July. The addition joins the line of its Duo Creamers, as well as Coffee mate's other plant-based creamers. According to Leonardo Aizpuru, the Nestlé Vice President of Brand Marketing for the Beverage Division and Business, the new flavor pays homage to the brightness of the sunny season. "This limited-edition creamer is inspired by childhood summers — with every sip, the sweet and citrusy flavor of our Orange Cream Pop Flavored Duo Creamer will evoke nostalgic memories of ice cream trucks and hot summer days," he said in the press release.

The timely release follows Creamsicle's steady rise as a popular ice cream treat, a choice Aizpuru says is intentional. "When it comes to pushing boundaries and turning trending flavors into delicious and crave-worthy creamers," he explains, "our fans know that only Coffee mate can consistently deliver on taste innovations that elevate the everyday coffee experience, any time of year."

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Here's How To Get The Orange Cream Pop Flavored Duo Creamer

Coffee creamer and iced coffee
Coffee creamer and iced coffee - Coffee mate

Although the coffee creamer is only out for a limited time, Coffee mate will have two separate drops for the creamer. If you can't get your hands on them on July 12, the first release day, you can try again on July 22. There's no need to rush to stores for the release of the temporary product — the Orange Cream Pop Flavored Duo Creamer isn't available for retail sale. All sales will be transacted online.

Coffee mate will be offering the 16 fluid ounce bottle for $2.17, including shipping. The low price and rare flavor makes it perfect to stock up on, but this is one product you can't hoard. Coffee mate is limiting every household to one bottle of creamer each, giving every customer a chance to get their own before all the stock is gone. The dreamy, creamy orange-flavored creamer is perfect for whipping up all kinds of fruity iced coffees, so make sure you're by the computer at 12 p.m. EST on July 12 and 22 to snag a bottle.

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