Cinema worker reveals 'popcorn scam' in viral TikTok clip

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If you've ever stood in the line at the movies contemplating what size popcorn you should get before you head in, one cinema worker is claiming it doesn't actually matter.

TikToker @thatcoolguy.25597 has shared a viral video exposing a 'popcorn scam’ which apparently sees both the small and medium sizes contain the same amount of popcorn.

TikTok popcorn scam
He claims the size 'medium' is a scam. Photo: TikTok

In the clip, which was viewed over 6.3 million times before being taken down, the worker from the US pretends to be a customer choosing between a large bucket, a regular bucket (medium) and a junior bag (small).

The junior bag costs $7.35, with the 'customer' choosing that because a medium would be "too much". But then he changes his mind and decides to get the medium instead, which is when he demonstrates the supposed stitch up.


Looking at the camera, he empties the small bag of popcorn into the medium bucket, filling it to the top and then goes on to charge $8.44 – an extra $1.09 – for the same amount of food.

In Movie Theater Captivated Audience Watching New Film
Popcorn is a popular buy at the movies. Photo: Getty

It's a similar notion to another viral video from a few years ago claiming all McDonald's fries sizes were actually exactly the same, though this has since been disproven.

Nevertheless, the clip got plenty of reactions from others who said it was 'outrageous' if it was true.

"Feel like this should be illegal. If I’m paying for a bigger size, I should be getting a bigger size," was one comment.

"Medium is always a scam," was another response.

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