Chris Hemsworth's fans go wild over X-rated detail in workout video: 'OMG'

The Thor actor bared more than he likely expected in the video.

Chris Hemsworth stunned fans after sharing a workout video, but surprisingly it wasn't due to his incredible abs.

The Thor actor shared a video of himself on Instagram doing a range of exercises, however, fans flocked to the comments after noticing something in the final exercise Chris performed.

Chris Hemsworth doing a workout
Chris Hemsworth's fans were left stunned when the Thor actor shared possibly more than he bargained for in a workout video. Photo: Instagram/Chris Hemsworth

In the workout, Chris performed a series of exercises, including squats, push-ups, pull-ups and some boxing.

"Good little session. Finishing it strong with some core," he wrote, with fans flocking to the comments to share their surprise after the star showed more of himself than he likely intended, with his, er, 'hammer' on display.


"Are we seeing it or just ignoring it?" one fan commented.

"I know that all the girls come for the last exercise," another added.

"Watched it multiple times… that last exercise I swear I could see Thor’s hammer, lucky wife," a third said.

"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" a fourth questioned.

"That um… um last exercise… respectfully DAYUM," someone else said.

"Dude should be cast as Thor or something," one man joked.

"Don't think he knows what he is doing to us with that last [exercise]...lord have mercy..." another joked.

Many others joked that they were just there for the comments.

"Saw the last exercise and went straight to the comments - so many minds think alike," one user added with laughing emojis.

"Oh. My. Thor," another wrote.

Taika Waititi spills on Chris Hemsworth's nude scene in Thor: Love and Thunder

Chris Hemsworth nude in Thor: Love and Thunder
Chris' famous nude scene in Thor: Love and Thunder. Photo: Marvel

Thor: Love and Thunder director and actor Taika Waititi spoke with Yahoo Lifestyle last year about Chris' naked scene in the film, revealing what it was like on the day.

"Everyone from the production office and accounting office happened to turn up and just need to talk to the crew members about getting their invoices and time cards [that day]," he joked.

"I mean, personally, he's worked so hard on all of this [his body], it would be weird not to show it, don't you think?"

He added his real reasoning for including the scene, telling us, "It's also, quietly, in a business sense, I think we might sell a few more tickets!"

When asked how he prepared for the scene (and whether it included any extra glute work), Chris told us: "Yeah, you know, I worked my butt off, literally, for this film, as I do all the Thor films. I've got to eat a ridiculous amount of protein and work out a lot and a lot and a lot and you put in the hard work and hopefully get the result!"

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