'Meet you guys at the emergency room!' Chris Hemsworth's nail-biting dad moment

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Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky shared a very relatable parenting moment with fans. Photo: Instagram/chrishemsworth

It’s always a bit nerve-wracking when your kid rides a bike on their own for the very first time, but how would you feel if that bike came with a high-speed engine?

Pretty damn nervous, if Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s reactions are anything to go off.

The Byron Bay duo shared a hilarious video to Instagram on Thursday showing their three kids racing around a field on their pint-sized Yamaha Peewee 50 dirt bikes while the increasingly nervous parent looked on.

Helmuts bobbing, India Rose, seven, and twins Tristan and Sasha, five, hurtle past the camera while Chris keeps up a running commentary.

“Jeez dude, you’re a nutcase,” he says as one of the kids screams past.

“This is a safe sport to get the kids into,” he continues.

The kids didn't hold back as they brunt rubber on their Yamaha Peewee 50 dirt bikes. Photo: Instagram/ chrishemsworth

“Yeah! This is really really safe,” he trails off sarcastically, while Elsa pulls a face in the background and the kids come to a halt.

As the kids go full throttle, taking off on another lap, Chris audibly reconsiders his decision to give the kids such high-speed toys.

“I’ll meet you guys at the emergency room,” he jokes nervously over the sound of the trio revving up for another round.

The family took to the streets last month as part of the climate strike. Photo: Instagram/elsapatakyconfidential

Standing up for climate action

The family time comes after the pair shared footage of the climate strike in Byron Bay, which they all participated in.

The family of five took to the streets brandishing protest signs and participating in chants.

Uploading snaps and videos from the day to Instagram, Elsa shared a rousing message.

“We are running out of time! Youth have spoken today at the #climatestrike!” she captioned the post.

“There is (no) Planet B. When the major parties don’t listen, our children speak up. They understand that the climate change is destroying our planet... our flora and fauna, and this also include us.”

The family is known for their community spirit in the Northern NSW beachside town.

Earlier in the year, the pair volunteered at a local school in the wake of a stabbing incident, preparing and serving lunches for the school canteen.

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