Local superhero! Chris Hemsworth volunteers at Byron school

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
School canteen duty doesn't discriminate. Photo: Instagram/elsapatakyconfidential

Following an alleged stabbing in a Byron Bay public school yesterday, local residents Chris Hemsworth and wife Elsa Pataky arrived on the scene to volunteer.

Helping out in the school canteen, the A-list couple spent the day preparing lunches once the lockdown was lifted.

Parents to six-year-old daughter India, and five-year-old twins Tristan and Sasha, it’s unsure whether the pair’s children attend the school, but they were there to help regardless.

They shared the moment on social media and didn’t seem to mind the monotonous work, laughing and smiling throughout the Instagram story shared to Elsa’s account.

The usually glam couple swapped black tie for white apron. Photo: Getty Images

The video showed the couple walking onto the school grounds, with huge plastic containers full of food in their arms.

Ready to do their bit, they joke around, Chris flexing his muscles for the camera, while Elsa teased him about his sushi rolling skills.

Elsa teased Chris over his sushi skills. Photo: Instagram/elsapatakyconfidential

The two jokingly fought over who has managed to make a bigger pile, with Chris far and away the winner.

With all that super human strength to spare, it’s no wonder Thor can churn out sushi at such high speeds.

Laughing with other volunteers who tell him he was “not too bad”, Chris responds, “Not too bad? I dominated!”

Another day spent saving the world, one sushi roll at a time.

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