Elsa Pataky reveals what it's like to work with Chris Hemsworth

Elsa Pataky tells Yahoo Lifestyle what it was like to work with husband Chris Hemsworth on her new film Interceptor.
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Video transcript

- Chris was obviously executive producer on the film, and he had a cameo, which I wasn't expecting. Was it fun to work with him on the film?

ELSA PATAKY: Yeah, yeah, it was so fun because he knows about all these movies and how to do them on what is safe, what is not, and just how to just even how to punch in the right way in front of the camera. So it was good to have him with me, and he really supported me in that movie. He wanted me to do this movie and just kind of put it there all together in a way and surround me by, like, a really good team because it was my first really action lead role. So it was so good to have him holding my hand in a way, sure.