Chris Evans accidentally shares nude image in internet gaffe

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US star Chris Evans has been left red-faced after the ultimate internet gaffe saw him mistakenly share a nude image to his public Instagram page.

The Captain America star took to Instagram over the weekend to share a sweet family video, but things very quickly got mistakenly X-rated.

Captain America Chris Evans poses
Chris Evan's suffered an X-rated slip up on Instagram over the weekend. Photo: Getty Images

Uploading a screen recording of his family playing the popular charades game Heads Up to his Instagram stories, the actor probably though initially, the messages that came swooping in were simply appreciating the funny video.

In fact, when the recording of the game ended, the screen returned to the actor’s camera roll, where eagle-eyed fans spotted a photo of what appeared to be a penis.

There also appeared to be a popular meme of the actors modelling, the word ‘guard that p**sy’ emblazoned across his face.

Image of camera roll accidentally shared by Chris Evans on IG live, with image of penis blurred out
Photo: Instagram/chrisevans

The bizarre camera roll inclusions left fans shocked, many flooding social media to share their reactions.

Avenger’s co-star Mark Ruffalo took to the platform to reassure his mate that his embarrassing misstep was nothing compared to the unfolding political situation in the US.

“Bro, while Trump is in office there is NOTHING you could possibly do to embarrass yourself,” the co-star tweeted. “See... silver lining.”

Photo: Instagram/chrisevans Twitter
Photo: Twitter

“Omg Chris Evans has a penis?!” one of the actor’s fan joked.

Fans bid to protect Chris’ privacy

Others fans decided to flood social media with more family-friendly images of the star in a bid to protect his privacy.

“Don't share or look at the Chris Evans picture!” one fan wrote. “Give that man privacy lest you step in a thousand puddles with fresh socks on.”


“I haven't seen the leaked photo, and I'm not going to because it wasn't for me,” another agreed. “This is a violation of consent and it's not okay because Chris Evans happens to be a man OR a celebrity.”

The actor has not yet responded or made a statement about the slip-up, though the video is no longer live on his Instagram.

His brother Scott Evans, also an actor, saw the humour in the situation, and jokingly took to social media to ask what he had missed one day after the leak blew up online.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Some fans are still sharing the image online.

The latest nude leak comes after Aussie actress Olympia Valance revealed she was the victim of a traumatic experience of revenge porn.

Very different to the Avenger’s star’s experience, the 27-year-old became the victim of the hideous cybercrime more than a year ago when her phone was hacked, explaining recent recirculation of the images has plunged her back into the deeply traumatic experience.

In Australia, revenge porn is a criminal offence and includes any distribution of intimate photos or video without the subject’s consent.

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