Bachelor's Georgia Love forced to defend herself after wedding rant

Bachelorette star Georgia Love has been forced to defend herself after sharing a coronavirus-related wedding freak out to Twitter that saw some fans seeing red.

“So like HOW FUNNY IS IT when you cancel your Italy wedding and book it for Tasmania instead haha and then the Premier shuts the borders ‘til at least December HAHA OMG SO FUNNY I’M TOTALLY FINE,” Georgia wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

bachelorette georgia love
Georgia Love says her wedding has again been impacted by the coronavirus. Photo: Instagram/georgialove

Georgia Love and Lee Elliot have been engaged for almost 12 months after they first met on the set of The Bachelorette Australia in 2016.

However, it seemed many of her followers didn’t think her post was appropriate, sharing their thoughts as the reactions to the post flooded in.

“We are in a pandemic. Many people are dying. Your party can wait,” one person wrote in response.

“I can't visit my ailing grandmother in WA because they won't grant me an exemption until she is close to death or dies and then I can only enter for a two week quarantine and her funeral, after which I have to get out immediately. Keep whining about your Italian holiday, love,” another said.

While a third wrote: “Oh no how ever will you go on. Without an Italian holiday. My wife is stuck overseas. We got married in Feb, we have spent a week together as a married couple, haven't seen her since.”

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

There were plenty of others though that shared Georgia’s worries and appreciated her situation, finding themselves in similar predicaments.

“Oh no - that's so sad to hear! We cancelled my hubby's 50th trip to Sicily and thought we'd book Uluru instead. Nope, Mudgee it is! Hope you have a beautiful day wherever you end up,” one person explained.

“We cancelled our wedding due to borders too, and our venue still charged us full deposit. Fun times,” was another response.

The barrage of criticism was eventually too much for the Journalist, who shared subsequent posts defending her right to comment on her own situation, saying “Twitter you suck sometimes”.

She goes on to talk about how, as a news reporter, she has shared stories of people watching their homes burn down, and the impact of Covid-19.

“I have brought you stories of people who’ve found out their elderly loved ones have died of Covid-19 days after the fact because of our news investigations,” she wrote.

“Stories of people who already had nothing, packing their life’s belongings into a Coles bag to be moved to a different facility to try to stay safe. Stories of people who’ve lost numerous family members and not been able to attend one funeral.”

Georgia goes on to reveal she was in charge of talks with an aged facility about her own grandmother because her daughter - Georgia’s mother - died, something she is “still grieving deeply”.

georgia love lee elliot
Lee and Georgia met on the 2016 season of the Bachelorette. Photo: Instagram/georgialove

“I may no longer have a job in my career profession that I have put my life’s work into and where my passion lies,” she continued.

“I have been unable to see my loved ones nor do the things that bring me joy for the majority of this year.

“So you know what? I’m allowed to comment on the fact it’s a bit shitty my wedding has been affected too. This does not take away from anyone else’s pain or suffering.”

Georgia and Lee already had a difficult start to their romance with Georgia opening up about how she lost her mum to pancreatic cancer just days after the finale aired.

“It was really hard on him, and it was really hard on our relationship,” Georgia said speaking on The Thinkergirls Pod Channel.

“We had a very rocky first six months, and I'm not afraid to say that.”

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