Choice labels bladeless fan the 'worst ever' in Shonky awards

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Smarthome Bladeless fan
Choice has slammed the Smarthome Bladeless fan. Photo: Choice

A bladeless fan sold under a number of different brand names has been awarded a Choice Shonky award.

Choice expert tester Adrian Lini initially put the $300 Smarthome Bladeless fan, sold at Kogan, to the test and then found a range of similar imitations of the product being sold for less than half the price elsewhere.

“The labs originally tested the Kogan model and found it to be the worst we’ve ever tested but once we dug a little further, we found a number of these knock-offs littered across Australian retail,” he said.

They found imitations of the same design are being sold at retailers such as Harvey Norman and Big W.


Choice tester with a bladeless fan
Lini said it deserves a Shonky award because it “has a lot of gimmicky features” and claimed they “just don’t work”. Photo: Choice

Lini said it deserves a Shonky award because it “has a lot of gimmicky features” and claimed they “just don’t work”.

“The volume of air pushed out by this fan was so low that it looked like an error in the measurement. For the entirety of the test, it could barely reach 0.04 cubic metres per second. It pretty much has no output whatsoever, and that’s why the score is so terrible,” says Lini.

Most of the other tower fans in the test reached at least 0.3 cubic metres/second.

“You really don’t need to spend big to cool down this summer - do your research and don’t feel like you need to get the latest features or designs. A classic bladed fan can be more effective and much cheaper,’ he said.

If you're after a fan to keep you cool in the warmer months, here's a pick of some of our favourites.

The Goldair PT 40cm Champagne Gold Pedestal Fan, $119 is a chic addition to any room. It has three speed settings, adjustable height, tilt and oscillation, and a contoured neck to give it a touch of interest.

Goldair PT 40cm Champagne Gold Pedestal Fan, $119

Stay cool in style with the Heller copper metal desk fan, $69.95. It looks great perched on your desk, has three speed settings, is tilt adjustable and has an oscillating action for optimal air flow, as well as a safety fan guard.

Heller copper metal desk fan, $69.95

Pedestal fans are often very light so great if you're after something portable. Because they have big blades they're often effective in larger spaces, so great for open plan living or big rooms with high ceilings.

The Sunbeam Infinity 40cm Pedestal Fan, $143.65, can oscillate vertically, horizontally, or in a figure of eight shape. It has a programmable timer of up to 10 hours, so you can choose when you want it to turn on and off.

Sunbeam Infinity 40cm Pedestal Fan, $143.65

If you're after an air purifier to go with your fan, the Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower Purifying Fan, $799, is definitely worth a look. It detects air quality, and filters out pollutants with a HEPA filter, before circulating the clean air round the room. In winter, it has a 'backward' air flow so you don't get the effects of the fan as well. If you're after something a little cheaper, the Dyson Cool Tower Fan, $569, is available without the air purifier, and looks identical.

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