Chinese netizens help man reunite with sloth plush in Barcelona


A Chinese tourist visiting Spain was reunited with his stuffed sloth toy after several users on Xiaohongshu helped him locate his beloved companion. The toy, which he calls “Bread,” was stolen on June 9 at the Sagrada Familia metro station in Barcelona, presumably thinking the toy was a purse with money inside.

  • The search: The man spent days looking for Bread, even posting a reward of 500 euros ($540) and losing his passport in the process. Several Chinese residents in Barcelona helped him by offering accommodation and handing out flyers to locate the toy. “Many people might not understand, but Bread is more important to me than my job, my degree, or my possessions. I just really want to hug him again, no matter what it takes,” he said.

  • Their reunion: A Spanish metro cleaner eventually found the man's beloved stuffed toy tucked between a ticket machine and a wall on June 15. Overjoyed with the reunion the following day, the man said, “I have never received so much kindness in my life. I am truly thankful.” He also gave the reward money to the person who found the toy.

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