Channel 10 officially axes The Bachelorette after seven seasons: 'Sad times'

Not only has Channel Ten decided to switch things up within The Bachelor franchise this year by casting three male leads, but they’ve now revealed that The Bachelorette has been cancelled.

Beverley McGarvey, the Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer at Paramount Australia, told TV Tonight on Wednesday that fans won’t be getting an eighth season of the dating show in 2022.

Bachelorette cast at the first rose ceremony.
The Bachelorette has been cancelled for 2022. Photo: Channel Ten

“We probably won’t have an iteration of Bachelorette that is on air this year,” she said.

“But actually we haven’t always had an iteration of Bachelorette on air every year. If you think way back to the beginning, we had two or three years that we didn’t, and then we introduced Bachelorette.”


She went on to say that there’s a chance The Bachelorette could return in the future.

“I think given the environment that we’re in, the audience is telling us they want to see some of those legacy formats move forward a bit, which we really want to do with that show, because we really respect the brand and the audience loves it,” she continued.

“So I think a little bit of scarcity this year, is probably going to help us move forward.”

Season eight of The Bachelorette was previously confirmed last year during 10’s Upfronts, however, it was later announced that The Real Love Boat would take its place in the schedule.

Bachelor host Osher Günsberg.
Season eight of The Bachelorette was previously confirmed last year during 10’s Upfronts. Photo: Channel Ten

The Bachelorette Australia first launched in 2015, with The Bachelor season two winner Sam Frost being cast in the lead role.

Despite starring eight women across its seven seasons - with sisters Elly and Becky Miles sharing the role in 2020 - the series has only produced one successful couple.

Season two’s Georgia Love and Lee Elliot married in March 2021 in Tasmania almost five years after filming their finale.

The show has also experienced a sharp rating decline in recent years, with Brooke Blurton’s ground-breaking season last year reaching only 439,000 viewers for the finale.

The Bachelorette's Angie Kent.
Angie Kent has reacted to the news on her social media. Photo: Channel Ten

‘Sad times’

Following the news, season five star Angie Kent took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the show being cancelled.

“Sad times that we won’t be seeing quality entertainment from leading ladies for the franchise this year. Just bulk lead pork swords all round,” she wrote alongside a video montage of her time on the show.

“This spicy delivery we’ve been promised better be more solid than me explaining how I want someone to support me while I pee in that bush (still waiting for that soul - where you at?) and give the gals a platform to show us that they’d rather be single than put up with dross or have anyone f**k with their sisterhood.

"I’ll be patiently waiting for Bachelor 2022. I got my beady eyes on you. RIP Bachette. It’s been real (ish).”

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