Channel 9's Tracy Grimshaw, Peter Overton make awkward Queen's funeral blunder

Viewers have slammed Channel Nine presenters Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw after they misidentified the UK's new prime minister while covering the Queen's funeral.

The nation's new leader Liz Truss arrived at the funeral, with the presenters asking "who's this?".

“So, this is a significant motorcade, we are being told now. Come with us as we try and identify who is getting out of the car. This is under police escort of course. I would suggest this might be royalty, Tracy,” Overton said.

When Truss exited the car, the presenters said she was "hard to identify".

Channel 9 hosts Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw were slammed over the awkward blunder. Source: Facebook/ACA
Channel 9 hosts Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw were slammed over the awkward blunder. Source: Facebook/ACA

"Maybe minor royals ... I can't identify them at this point," the hosts added.

Soon after Overton told viewers it was indeed the UK prime minister, who was sworn in by the Queen two days before her death.

"I'm told that was Liz Truss the new prime minister in the distance ... thank you very much for that information."


Throwing to Today hosts Allison Langdon and Karl Stefanovic as well as UK royal expert Dickie Arbiter, the presenters said Dickie would be "better" at recognising faces.

Viewers were unimpressed with the Channel Nine coverage and the fact the presenters could not even identify the prime minister.

Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, Liz Truss arrives at Westminster Abbey.
Liz Truss was misidentified by the Channel 9 hosts. Source: Getty

"Channel Nine didn't even know who Liz Truss was. F***ing hell," one tweeted.

"Liz Truss just misidentified as a 'minor royal' by whoever is commentating on Channel Nine," commented another.

"Peter Overton and Tracy Grimshaw having no idea who Liz Truss – the new British prime minister – is during the live coverage of the Queen's funeral was so 'awks'," a third added.

Karl Stefanovic slammed for 'tasteless' comment

The awkward moment came after Karl sparked fury on Twitter when he introduced the Queen's funeral as the "greatest show on Earth".

"Welcome to what is probably the greatest show on Earth farewelling one of the world's greatest," he said.

Some viewers expressed their shock over the comment, taking to Twitter to criticise the Channel Nine host.

"Greatest show on earth .... really? Is that the right words Karl Stefanovic ... Bit tasteless to say that really," one said.

"Who is watching the worst coverage of the Queen's funeral? I had to change from Channel Nine after Stefanovic called it 'the greatest show on Earth'," another added.

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