Channel 7 star breaks down on live TV over Qld border decision

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Thousands of Australians have been eagerly waiting for the day Queensland Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk would finally open the state's borders to everyone in New South Wales, and the announcement finally came today.

From December 1 the QLD borders will reopen to NSW residents with the news causing Channel 7 presenter Angela Cox to break down into tears.

Channel 7 presenter Angela Cox crying on air
Channel 7 presenter Angela Cox was brought to tears after hearing the QLD borders will reopen to all of NSW. Photo: Seven

The presenter's mother lives in QLD and is sadly very ill, and it was clearly an incredible relief that she would finally be able to see her again.

"I don't know why we have to wait until December 1!" Angela said to Morning Show host Larry Emdur through her tears.

"But good on you Palaszczuk, you finally did it."


With borders opening, it means Angela can fly to QLD every week and be by her mum's side.

Kylie Gillies was also brought to tears at the thought of being able to finally book her flights to see her mum and dad.

"One word: finally! And mum and dad, we can come for Christmas!" she said as she teared up.

"There's hundreds, thousands of people like us, who have just been waiting for such a long time, and we could understand it for a little while couldn't we? But it's been way, way – it's been a very long time.”

Morning Show host Kylie Gillies wipes a tear away
Morning Show host Kylie Gillies was also brought to tears by the news. Photo: Seven

Kylie added that she'd been looking at flights and had Post-It notes all over the place with flight options, but she never felt confident enough to actually book anything without knowing when the border was going to open.

She added that prices were "through the roof" for flights and that many routes had been cut.

Larry joked that the timing was perfect because he was about to sneak them into QLD in the back of his ute if Anastacia didn't reopen borders.

Taking to Instagram earlier this month, Angela shared how she had managed to see her mum briefly after three months apart.

Angela Cox and her mum
Angela shared on Instagram earlier this month that she was able to see her mum briefly after three months apart. Photo: Instagram/Angela Cox

"After more than 3 months apart I finally got to see my mum 5 metres south of the Queensland border - in the bubble," she wrote. "It was bittersweet.

"We had a lovely day in Byron Bay yesterday and enjoyed some Mumm and Macca’s (sadly one of the few things mum can stomach on the chemo is fries - I may have had most of the bubbles).

"The bitter bit was how traumatic it was for her to be bundled up and driven across the border to stay in an unfamiliar hotel room and then having to say goodbye."

She continued, "I get that we have to protect people from coronavirus but I think we can do better with the borders. There should be more compassion for families with seriously ill people involved.

"If we can find ways to make grand finals and origin games happen ... surely we can find easier ways for families to be together."

No doubt there are many people crying tears of joy today.

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