Celebrity MasterChef fans slam ‘unfair’ elimination challenge: ‘Stitch-up’

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Celebrity MasterChef fans were left fuming after Sunday night’s episode as they deemed the elimination challenge to be “unfair” for one contestant in particular.

The stars took part in a classic MasterChef taste test where they were forced to rely on their palates to identify one inch-sized ingredients while blindfolded.

Celebrity MasterChef taste test and Tilly Ramsay.
The celebrities competed in a blindfolded taste test. Photos: Channel Ten

Although the ingredients started out simple, with apple, banana and strawberry, the pressure quickly intensified when actor Matt Le Nevez was given a cube of truffle.

“My second turn comes around, I touch it and it’s got a funny feeling. Then when I bite into it, I smell it and I’m confused,” Matt told the cameras.

“I’m just tasting this rich, strong flavour, but it’s not immediate to me. Whatever this is, I’ve never eaten it like this before in my life.”


The Offspring actor ended up incorrectly guessing portobello mushroom, and he became the first celebrity to move onto round two of the elimination challenge.

“I’ve never eaten truffle,” he said after failing the task. “I didn’t grow up with truffle. I grew up in Canberra with fish fingers and pizza.”

Cube of truffle with Celebrity MasterChef's Matt Le Nevez.
Matt Le Nevez was given truffle to taste during the second round. Photos: Channel Ten

The ingredients following Matt’s truffle were seemingly much easier, with Collette Dinnigan receiving pear and Ian Thorpe having to identify avocado.

Viewers were quick to express their outrage on social media, with many saying that it was an uneven challenge and truffle was too hard an ingredient so early on.

“Why on earth would truffle be in the second round? Everyone else got something much more straightforward,” one person tweeted.

“Surely something like a carrot would be a bit more appropriate for round two?” another suggested.

“Seems a bit unfair that Matt had to try and identify a truffle when the others in this round had basic stuff like capsicum,” a third wrote.

Celebrity MasterChef taste test.
Fans online thought it was ‘unfair’ that Matt was given such a hard ingredient so early on in the challenge. Photo: Channel Ten

“The odds were not in his favour,” someone else added, followed by a different user who called it a “stitch-up”.

“I don’t like the cube challenge - it’s unfair. Truffle versus avocado and broccoli, really? Why not give all contestants the same cubes and see who gets most right or wrong? Say a dozen or so,” a fan proposed.

Meanwhile, other viewers didn’t think truffle was a very tricky ingredient to identify.

“Surely truffle has a very distinct smell?” one user shared, while another said they would’ve picked it “straight away” if they were given it.

Unfortunately for Matt, his dish in the second round of the elimination challenge failed to impress the judges and he became the third celebrity sent home this season.

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