Celebrity Apprentice star confirms MAFS' Beck is set to return

Former MAFS star Beck Zemek shocked viewers when she was fired from Celebrity Apprentice after just one challenge, leaving the show on Sunday night.

However, it's not the last time we'll see the reality star on the show, with her co-star Ronnie Caceres confirming her return in an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle.

MAFS' Beck Zemek on Celebrity Apprentice
An insider has revealed the real reason MAFS' Beck Zemek was fired from Celebrity Apprentice after just one challenge. Photo: Nine

"They put in the promo, me and Beck making a deal! So I'm like, this doesn't really make sense, mate," the former Block star said, poking fun at the editing. "Because you guys know she gets voted off in the first week, but yes, it's no secret, she does come back."

Ronnie continued, "And I think it's great that she comes back because all of Australia will see that this chick has a business mind, she is so smart and a lot of the other girls see that as a massive threat and try to get rid of her again, but it doesn't work this time."

He said that a lot of the other women didn't understand her business knowledge, adding, "They didn't get it, and a lot of them are kind of like sheep, well a lot of the girls just follow the leader. And I think after the first episode you don't need to be Einstein to figure out who those girls are and the rest just follow like sheep."

Former Block star Ronnie Caceres confirmed to us Beck will be returning to the show soon. Photo: Nine
Former Block star Ronnie Caceres confirmed to us Beck will be returning to the show soon. Photo: Nine

He added that he had conversations with Beck down the track where she explained to him that the "girls were after her and didn't like her from the get-go".

"And I think watching the show, that actually does come across with some of the comments that the other girls make about her. They didn't give her a chance."

When asked if he thought it was fair that she went home after the first challenge, Ronnie quickly responded, "No. Absolutely not."

Insider reveals shock reason Beck was fired

Beck was shocked to be in the boardroom with Turia Pitt (pictured) and Gamble Breux. Photo: Nine
Beck was shocked to be in the boardroom with Turia Pitt (pictured) and Gamble Breux. Photo: Nine

It comes after an insider revealed to the Daily Mail the real reason the reality star was kicked off the show so early.

The source shared that producers staged Beck's early exit because was suffering from severe pregnancy-related nausea.

"Beck will come back and tear s**t up," they said. "The minute she touched down in Sydney she ended up with hyperemesis gravidarum, and it was too risky to keep her on set."


Turia Pitt accused the reality star of being "manipulative" during the first challenge, despite raising almost $50,000 before the event had even begun.

"I think when you're in a team, you need to trust your teammates and because of Beck's behaviour towards me, I don't trust her," Turia said on the show.

"I'm gobsmacked I'm in this room right now. I was happy to do any task whatsoever," Beck responded. "There is people in the room that made less money than I did."

However, Lord Sugar said it wasn't about the money and was instead about teamwork, which was the reason for her firing.

Beck's cryptic clue that she'd return

Beck during a Celebrity Apprentice challenge
Beck hinted at her return when we spoke to her last week, pictured here during the first challenge. Photo: Nine

It comes after Beck told Yahoo Lifestyle last week about how difficult it was shooting the show, giving us a hint she was on the show much longer than one episode.

Beck revealed she was only three weeks into her pregnancy when she left WA for Sydney to film the show.

"I decided at first like, this is probably not what I should be doing right now. I should stay home," she told us. "I was feeling bloody awesome though, I was like, 'Yeah! This is amazing!'"

She shocked her manager with the exciting news, but decided because she was feeling so good, she'd fly to Sydney and do the show, "So, off I go and it's like the plane literally took off and as soon as it literally touched down in Sydney, I had morning sickness. It was the worst, I can't even describe!"

Beck added that the producers were great and had a doctor on set for her as she was constantly vomiting, "But it was the worst it was the absolute worst, I can't even describe morning sickness the way I had it. I don't know why it's called morning sickness. It's 24/7, they need a new name for that."

"We were trying to keep it a secret," she added. "It wasn't really working out because there were times where I was on set and just sitting there in silence smiling and I knew that the producers obviously knew about it and could see that I was not feeling great.

"And it's like okay, how do I get myself off-scene right now to go and vomit to come back and you know, compose myself. So it was extremely challenging for me, extremely, especially very early on in the piece."

Celebrity Apprentice cast
Beck told us that when everyone found out about her pregnancy they were very understanding, however, she hadn't revealed it so early on. Photo: Nine

She told us that once everyone on set found out about her pregnancy they were very excited and understood why she'd been acting strange, but thought she had been running off with producers all the time to "talk about gameplay".

However, in episode one, she had not told anyone of her pregnancy, giving us a major clue that she will be returning down the line and appearing in more episodes.

Beck also added the "worst part" of filming was when everyone was drinking Champagne and soft cheese in the boardroom while she was unable to do the same and couldn't explain why – however, she never made it to that part of the show in episode one.

This is also something that did not take place in episode one, but will likely happen down the line.

In photos obtained by Daily Mail, Beck is seen taking part in a challenge where she is dressed as an avocado, possibly to hide the early stages of her pregnancy.

Beck has also teased her return, telling fans on Instagram to "keep watching" because "there is so much more to come".

Celebrity Apprentice continues Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 7pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

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