Cass Wood breaks down in emotional interview: 'I feel like a bit of a joke'

Alicia Vrajlal
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If there was one Bachelor star who didn’t shy away from showing her affection towards Nick Cummins this season, it would’ve been Cass Wood.

Now the 24-year-old says she’s still utterly hurt after being rejected by the Honey Badger, and even more so because he didn’t choose anyone in the finale.

“I feel like a bit of a joke,” she said during an emotional sit-down chat which aired last night on The Project.

The Bachelor contestant Cass Wood broke down during interview on The Project last night. Photo: Channel Ten

When Lisa Wilkinson asked Cass why she felt this way, the former Bachelor contestant became increasingly teary, and turned to fellow contestant Brooke Blurton for reassurance.

“I just want to talk about it,” she said as she wiped away her tears.

Cass said she will “always have a soft spot” for Nick but her dramatic elimination episode when it aired on television was “heartbreaking to watch”.

‘I feel like a bit of a joke,’ she said, before looking at fellow contestant Brooke Blurton. Photo: Channel Ten

“Is it easy to move on?” Lisa then asked.

“Well it hasn’t been,” said Cass.

“I don’t know like the whole thing’s just been really hard, and then to find out he isn’t with anyone as well is just…” she added, struggling to finish the sentence.

Cass already knew Nick before appearing on The Bachelor. Despite their dating history on the outside, Nick chose to send Cass home after the home visits.

Cass and Nick already knew each other before The Bachelor. Photo: Channel Ten

In a dramatic finale last week, he told both Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman that he couldn’t pursue a relationship with either beyond the show.

During his interview on The Project last night, Nick defended his shock decision, saying he didn’t want to cause heartbreak down the line, if he knew he couldn’t tell them he loved them.

“To all the girls, I just want you all to know that if ever seen you again I’ll buy you a drink and say hello for old time’s sake,” he said.

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