The truth about Cassie's five-month fling with Nick Cummins before The Bachelor

Olivia Morris
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As Cassandra Wood was sent home by Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins last night on The Bachelor, our hearts couldn’t help but break for her.

Not only was she sent home, moments before the rose ceremony she was abruptly confronted by her Bachie bestie Brittany Hockley demanding to know the full extent of her relationship with Nick.

Whilst Cass did her best to explain it on the show, we still had some questions.

Cassandra Wood was left heartbroken last night after Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins sent her home. Source: Ten

Like, how did she end up meeting his brother if they had only gone on a “few dates”.

The 24-year-old was happy to clear things up once and for all when chatting to Be, revealing the true story behind her fling with the Honey Badger.

Everything started between Cass and Nick on her 23rd birthday in August last year.

“I was going out for my birthday and he just came and met me for a drink and ended up meeting my brother and that was the start of everything,” she explained to Be.

“Then we obviously went on a few dates and he went away for travel and same with me. When we were in town together we would catch up and then there might be a month apart when he was travelling.”

So how exactly did Cass end up meeting Nick’s brother, Jacob, on the Gold Coast?

Well, Cassie clairfied it was just a case of pure coincidence.

Cassie revealed the full extent of her relationship with Nick prior to being on the show. Source: Ten

“We both ended up being on the Gold Coast visiting family,” she said. “I was going for a surf and he just came down with his brother because he was around and it was finally a time we were both in the same place so we caught up.

“I met his brother, had a drink and it was lovely.”

In terms of the length of their relationship, fling, period of seeing each other – whatever you want to call it – it lasted for a total five months which, to us, is quite a lengthy amount of time.

However, Cass insisted their fling was “on and off”.

“It was about August to Christmas/New Year’s time last year, but that was on and off as it was inconsistent because he was away and so was I,” she explained.

As to why the pair parted ways it was simply down to a “matter of timing and being busy and our schedules not aligning”.

However, Cassie’s feelings for Nick clearly came back in full force on The Bachelor and she revealed she was surprised to leave last night.

She also admitted she wished the former Wallabies player had given her more of an explanation before she was sent packing.

“Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that and I walked away and I was like, ‘Uh I’m a little bit confused,'” Cassie said. “I actually don’t know what the issue is and what his reasons are.

“He did say we hit a ceiling but like I didn’t really get an explanation.”

Onwards and upwards, Cass. We’re sure your Mr. Perfect is right around the corner.

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