Casey Donovan has anxiety attack while stripping for charity

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Casey Donovan suffered an anxiety attack while practicing her strip charity routine for Channel Seven's The All New Monty: Ladies Night.

In a clip, posted to, the 31-year-old star can be seen turning to Home And Away star Georgie Parker to tell her that she’s ‘having an anxiety attack’.

“Being the only plus, plus size woman in this cast, it’s confronting. I struggle with anxiety on a daily basis, I could feel it creeping in. This is the most I’ve ever been out of my comfort zone,” Casey says in the footage.

Casey Donovan on The All New Monty: Ladies Night. Photo: Channel 7
Casey Donovan has opened up about stripping for The All New Monty: Ladies Night. Photo: Channel 7

The All New Monty: Ladies Night, which will air on Sunday at 7pm, will see Casey, alongside Nadia Bartel, Simone Callahan, Lisa Curry, Rachael Finch, Ella Hooper, Lynne McGranger and Georgie Parker, taking their clothes off on TV to raise awareness for breast cancer.

The 31-year-old also opened up to TV Week about the daunting task of undressing on stage, saying it brought back some bad memories of being body-shamed.

Casey Donovan attends the Spotify Cosmic Playlists Event on September 10, 2019 in Sydney, Australia.
Casey Donovan suffered an anxiety attack while rehearsing her strip routine for a charity night. Photo: Getty Images

"It's a big thing being on stage knowing that you're also being filmed, and all you have to hide behind is a bra that's about to be snapped off and a big feather boa!" she said

"Being a plus-size woman, there are always going to be skeletons that come out of the closet, mainly from the body shaming that happens to women no matter what their size," she says. "I'm confident in the way I feel when I'm dressed. But once you undress, you can't hide!"

Earlier this year Casey spoke candidly about her turbulent catfishing experience which saw a stranger - ‘Campbell’ - come into her life and rip it apart.

She described a pattern of deceit and psychological torture, and how she was strung along for over six years by a woman called Olga.

“I’d put so much effort and time in this that he had to be real. He HAD to,” she told Andrew Denton on Channel Seven’s Interview.

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