Carrie Bickmore's private note hints at personal struggles before shock split

A card she wrote her colleagues has been shared on social media.

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Carrie Bickmore has hinted at personal struggles just months before she announced her shock split from partner Chris Walker.

The former host of The Project wrote a heartfelt card to her colleagues as she left the program in November, which was shared on social media.

In an emotional card to her hair and make-up team, Carrie expressed her gratitude for the support they had offered her.

Carrie Bickmore puts an arm around Chris Walker's neck as they smile for a photo.
Carrie Bickmore announced she and Chris Walker had separated on Wednesday. Source: Instagram/@chriswalkertv

"To my hair and make up family. Crap I am crying already. You have held my hand through some of the toughest days in my career," she wrote.

"You hear it all, see it all and share it all with me and I can't explain how much I am going to miss you all.

"There is an unspoken bond between us all and please never forget how special you all are. I know this is not goodbye, just goodbye for now. Love to you all. Carrie."

It came just months before Carrie revealed the shocking news she had split with her partner Chris after meeting him on the set of The Project in 2012, just two years after she lost her first husband and father of oldest son Ollie after a battle with brain cancer.


She and Chris went on the have two children together, Evie and Adelaide.

Posting on her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, Carrie said it was with "immense sadness" she announced her split from Chris.

"Whilst this is a tough time, our focus is on parenting, loving and supporting our three children Ollie, Evie and Addie with everything we've got. They are doing great," she said.

Carrie Bickmore hinted at tough times in a private card to her hair and make up team when she left The Project. Source: Instagram/@goochihmua
Carrie Bickmore hinted at tough times in a private card to her hair and make up team when she left The Project. Source: Instagram/@goochihmua

The news comes just months after Carrie left The Project after 13 years on the program. During her last episode on November 30, she thanked Chris in a touching moment.

"To Chris, thank you for everything. Your guidance and advice over the years, your amazing production skills," she said.

"This show has given us so much. We wouldn't have our beautiful little [children] if it wasn't for The Project."

Just six weeks ago Chris also shared a sweet birthday message to Carrie on Instagram.

"Happy birthday to this babe," he said in a caption alongside a photo of the pair.

"This tribe loves you and wishes you a very relaxing day after a massive week. We love doing this life with you."

The shock split also comes after the family embarked on a whirlwind three-month adventure to the UK last year.

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