The Project's Carrie Bickmore makes X-rated discovery in work desk

The Project star Carrie Bickmore has shared an emotional video with fans as she gears up to depart the show on Wednesday evening. The host, who has been on the show for 13 years, appeared on Instagram with smudged mascara as she held back tears.

Carrie was busy packing up her desk with the help of a colleague when she stumbled across some interesting items. Amongst sweet family memories and photos of her colleagues, there was a particular X-rated item that left fans in stitches.

L: The Project's Carrie Bickmore selfie in purple blazer and smudged mascara. R: Photo of Carrie Bickmore's work desk
The Project star Carrie Bickmore became emotional while packing up her desk. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

“Just cleaning out my Project desk. I’m not crying, you are!” she told her fans, before hugging her colleague.

“With the help of this wonderful woman. It’s so weird, all my life packed up in a box.”

Eagle-eyed followers found it hilarious that Carrie had filled an Esky with bottles of wine as she packed up. “Found some old stuff in the drawers,” she wrote, before showing fans through her treasures.


Carrie started with a framed photo of her eldest son Ollie as a young child, writing: “Ollie when I first started”. Next, she wrote that she had “a few babies along the way” after finding some pregnancy multivitamins.

The host stumbled upon a script with a penis drawing on the back, describing it as ‘THAT famous pic’. In 2014, Carrie famously lifted her script up while on camera to reveal the X-rated drawing, but has always maintained she didn’t know it was there.

L: Photo of Carrie Bickmore's son Ollie in a photo frame as a child. R: Carrie Bickmore in a purple blazer holds up a piece of paper with a penis drawn on it
Carrie stumbled across an X-rated item from 2014. Photo: Instagram/bickmorecarrie

Fans lost it over her X-rated discovery, with many commenting on her Instagram post.

“Carrie, that penis drawing was hilarious…we have never laughed so much. Thanks for the wonderful memory,” one person wrote.

“My friend and I were in the front row of the audience the night of the ‘famous drawing’. So glad you still have it. We realised straight away what you’d done, and Fitzy was looking at us like we were loonies for laughing so loud,” added another.


Others wished her the best and congratulated her on such a successful stint on the show.

“Many don’t know what is a real good thing until it’s gone! Best of luck in the new chapter of your life! It won’t be the same without you,” a fan commented.

“You are definitely going to be missed. Just love The Project with news being delivered differently. Carrie you brought a beautiful warmth to the show. Look forward to following your next career path,” a second added.

“Won’t be the same without you, I for one won’t be watching anymore. All the best in your new ventures,” a third chimed in.

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