Carrie Bickmore's panic after on-air blunder: 'Went rogue'

The radio star went rogue when she decided to up the stakes during a game.

Carrie Bickmore has gone into panic mode after she made radio listeners a wild promise without consulting her boss.

Carrie and Tommy Little, her co-host on Hit Network's Carrie and Tommy, were playing The Time Game which involves a caller attempting to guess when the stopwatch hits exactly five seconds.

Nobody has won the game in three years, with the prize money increasing by $100 every time it's played. With the prize reaching $10,000, Carrie decided to up the stakes.

"You know what? Because our show starts at three, I'm timesing it by three: Thirty grand on the line today." Carrie told listeners.

Carrie Bickmore looks panicked while speaking on radio.
Carrie Bickmore panicked after promising a caller an extra $20,000 in prize money. Source: Instagram

Tommy was clearly blindsided by Carrie's impulsive decision, asking: "Have you been hitting the bottle early?".

The crew were outside the studio shaking their heads, and Carrie said if she didn't look at her boss, it wouldn't be a problem.


A video posted on Instagram then cut to 10 minutes later, where Carrie admitted there had been some off-air meetings about Carrie's rogue decision to up the prize money.

She claimed the bosses said, "You can't just go saying things on-air that we can't fulfil", with Carrie promising to pay the extra $20,000 herself if the radio show could not cover it.

A caller named Nick then played The Time Game and Carrie began to panic when he stopped the clock, saying: "I just went rogue and said $30,000."

"Oh my gosh, we've been playing this for years. It goes up 100 bucks every week. And this week, it was today it was $10,000 and I just thought for fun let's make it $30,000," Carrie said.

"I'm slightly terrified because I'm not sure if it's my money or the company's money that you're about the take."

The show's producer then revealed Nick stopped the clock bang on five seconds, with the hosts losing it over the fact somebody had finally won.


"I honestly never thought it would go off, like ever," a shocked Carrie said.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted the Hit Network to confirm whether Carrie would be paying the extra $20,000 out of her own pocket, but a spokesperson told the radio show would pay out the entire prize.

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