Carrie Bickmore's on-air giggling fit forces co-host to step in

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A photo of hosts Carrie Bickmore and Hamish Macdonald on set of The Project.
Carrie couldn't keep her giggling under wraps. Photo: Channel 10.

The Project host Carrie Bickmore is known for her composure and professionalism, but on Tuesday night’s episode, the mum-of-three couldn’t quite pull herself together.

The Gold Logie winner - who recently returned from maternity leave - was so overcome by a fit of giggles that her co-host Hamish Macdonald was forced to step in and attempt to restore some order to the panel.

All the lols on The Project

Carrie’s inexplicable laughing fit began immediately after Hamish welcomed viewers back following an ad break.

“Stop laughing Pete,” Carrie begged funny man Peter Helliar before dissolving into a chuckle, prompting Hamish to ask, “You right?”

“Yep,” Carrie replied, appearing to get her laughter under control before saying, “If you’ve just joined us...” then trailing off into yet another giggling fit.

A photo of host Peter Helliar on set of The Project.
Carrie pointed the finger at co-host Pete Helliar as the cause of her laughing fit. Photo: Channel 10.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry!” panel guest Chrissie Swan piped up as an amused Pete tried to put his co-host’s hysterics down to a lack of sleep.

“She's tired, she's tired,” Pete said as Carrie pointed accusingly at him across the desk.

Hamish thought on his feet at this point and quickly threw to a news break as Carrie unsuccessfully attempted to suppress her snickering.

What’s so funny, Carrie?

While we don’t know what exactly kicked off Carrie’s silliness, it did come right after a discussion about the current craze for collecting tiny toys such as Ooshies and Coles Little Shop.

It prompted Pete and Chrissie to reminisce about the tiny toys they collected as kids such as Itty Bitty Bins, before the Nova radio host asked cheekily, “Do you remember itty bitty t*tties? Neither do I.”

“I know them well,” Carrie deadpanned, causing the entire panel to crack up and the ever-sensible Hamish to cut to an ad break.

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