Chrissie Swan has had a baby girl!

Aussie TV personality Chrissie Swan has given birth!

The presenter - who came under fire recently after being snapped smoking while pregnant earlier this year - gave birth to a baby girl yesterday, Tuesday 26th March.

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New baby Peggy is the former Big Brother star's first daughter after sons Leo and Kit, and both mum and new daughter are doing well.

The TV and radio host revealed the news to her radio colleagues in Melbourne radio station Mix 101.1 on Tuesday:

"A girl, can you believe it!" she told her excited work mates. "It's so exciting."

Logie winner Chrissie Swan has had a baby girl! Source: Getty

Of baby Peggy's name, Swan said she and partner Chris had originally picked out another name.

"She had another name for about 20 minutes," she explained.

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"She was going to be Josephine, and then we just went, you know what, let's be a little bit brave and have something a little bit different, so we went with Peggy."

Joking about her busy family household, Swan said this year:

"I think that if I ever have a third child and it is a girl, that I will fully lose my mind!"

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"I have two sons and sometimes I think this is God's way of acknowledging that, as a parent and as a person, I mean well but am generally too goofy to be trusted with a proper responsibility.

"Raising a daughter seems so ... complicated."


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