Carrie Bickmore scolds producer's 'disgusting' on-air quip while getting candid about ageing

Carrie Bickmore opened up about the moment she really knew she was getting older.

Carrie Bickmore has scolded a producer for a ‘disgusting’ comment made off-air while she was opening up about going grey.

In a segment on the star’s Carrie and Tommy Show radio show, the 42-year-old got candid about coming to terms with the fact that she’s ageing, saying she’s been grey on her ‘head hair’ for a long time.

Carrie Bickmore in a multicoloured jumper on The Carrie and Tommy Show
Carrie Bickmore opened up about ageing on The Carrie and Tommy Show. Photo: The Carrie and Tommy Show

“You said you have a skunk streak, your words not mine,” her co-host Tommy Little said, with a producer heard saying: “You’re still talking about the head”.

Carrie went on to say that a hairdresser asked her decades ago if she had experienced significant stress in her life as she was going grey so young.


While she says she’s thought about growing it out, it’s not for her just yet.

“Wouldn’t you look like Storm from X-Men or Mrs Sheffield?,” her co-host, Tommy Little, asked.

Carrie Bickmore on The Project in a black mesh top
The star said she found a grey hair in her eyebrow. Photo: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore

Carrie responded: “I’m not sure that they want Mrs Sheffield hosting The Project, I think that was more the issue of the time.”

She continued: “However, I discovered a grey hair somewhere else on the weekend and it’s actually troubled me because it’s made me realise I’m ageing.

“Like I felt like that was just premature ageing because of stress, the hair on my head, whereas this is actually ‘oh no you’re at the age now where you’re getting grey’. “

Carrie went on to clarify that she had found a grey hair in her eyebrow. After that, she could be heard scolding a producer, who obviously made a comment off-air.

“No Eli, that’s disgusting,” she said laughing, adding: “Also, lasered”.

Carrie's hair transformation

While Carrie did admit that she loved when she dyed her hair brown, she said it was unbelievably hard to maintain, telling her co-host Tommy Little that she found a grey hair on her head the day after she dyed it.

In 2020, Carrie chopped her hair into a bob, telling Stellar at the time that she had to ring her mum and assure her that it wasn't because of her 40th. birthday which was coming up.

“She asked me how I was feeling about coming up to 40. I said, ‘I’m not having a midlife crisis!’” Carrie said.

“I’d just been in lockdown so long I was happy to be released so I could do some stuff.”

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