Carrie Bickmore reveals 'game-changing' travel hack

The Project's Carrie Bickmore has revealed the one 'game-changing' item she never leaves the house without while travelling.

Carrie set off on an adventure to Europe in April with her husband Chris and three kids, Oliver, 14, Evie, 7, and Adelaide, 3, after announcing in March she would be taking a break from The Project desk.

She has been chronicling her travels on her Instagram account, with snaps of the family visiting various landmarks like Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower.

Earlier this week the jet-setter posted a photo of her wearing a stunning cream pantsuit, pink top and high-top vans.

Carrie Bickmore stands outside a door in London.
Carrie Bickmore says her bum bag is a travel 'game-changer'. Source: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore

She also sported a black bum bag, an item she says she can't live without.

"It's a vibe ... (and not a good one according to my family)," she captioned the photo.

"Yes I bought a bumbag for our adventures and have worn it every day since. Game changer! Free hands, easy access, and not to mention how stylish it makes you."

Friends praised the star for her stylish travel hack, with co-host Lisa Wilkinson commenting, "Gorg".

Channel Ten presenter Angela Bishop said it was, "Smart. Very smart".

Carrie Bickmore on The Project.
Carrie Bickmore is taking a break from The Project desk. Source: Instagram/Carrie Bickmore

"Bumbags ROCK! Seriously ahead of their time. And you look SUPER SMART innit Bickers," Grant Denyer's wife Chezzi said.

"I love mine when walking my dog. Everyone gives me crap but seriously so handy and suits the situation so well. All those who give me crap about wearing a fanny bag have no idea how good it is," another follower commented.

"When I was in London I wore one constantly, the benefit of having everything you need there and safe far outweighs any fashion statement," a third added.

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Bum bag pictured next to graphic text
Bum bag pictured next to graphic text

Carrie Bickmore details struggle moving to London

Earlier this month Carrie detailed on Instagram her family's biggest struggle after moving to London.

Posting a photo of her daughter Adelaide on Instagram, Carrie revealed her little one was having a tough time with the adjustment.

"Happy to report London play centres are just like Aussie play centres," she captioned the photo.

"Wanted to do something easy and fun for Addie today because to be honest she is the one in the family that is struggling the most being on our adventure.

"Away from her home (which due to lockdown she has spent a lot of her short life in) new smells, new people, different food, tubes, buses, flights, late nights, new beds, it's a lot for her and the result is lots of grizzling, tantrums, disrupted sleep and very clingy.


"I know the special time we are getting together will be worth it for her but thought I'd share some of our realities of travelling with little ones.

"I am cherishing the endless hours together that I never get at home and happy to spend my day in a ball pit."

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