Carrie Bickmore shocks fans with throwback snap: 'Oh wow'

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Carrie Bickmore has shocked fans with a throwback snap she shared of herself with her mother when she was just a young girl.

The Project host, who is currently jetting around the UK with her family, posted the photo to Instagram in honour of Mother's Day.

The young blonde girl is seen beaming next to her mother, with fans losing it over how much the TV presenter looks like her three-year-old daughter Adelaide.

Carrie Bickmore poses as a child with her mother (left) and her daughter Addie (right).
Carrie Bickmore shares a photo as a young girl with her mother (left) and her daughter Addie (right). Source: Instagram/@bickmorecarrie

"Wowee that's Addie! Twinning," one commented.

"Goodness your daughters look so much like you," another said.

"Addie is your mini-me twinnie," somebody else added, while another fan said, "That's Addie for sure".


Carrie made the shock announcement she was moving to the UK with her husband Chris and three kids Oliver, 14, Evie, 7, and Adelaide, 3, in March.

After setting off last month and posting amazing photos on Instagram of their travels, Carrie revealed last week the family had been facing some struggles.

Posting a photo of her daughter Adelaide on Instagram, Carrie revealed her little one was having a tough time with the adjustment.

"Happy to report London play centres are just like Aussie play centres," she captioned the photo.

"Wanted to do something easy and fun for Addie today because, to be honest, she is the one in the family that is struggling the most being on our adventure.

Carrie Bickmore on The Project.
Carrie Bickmore announced she would be taking a break from The Project in March. Source: Instagram/@bickmorecarrie

"Away from her home (which due to lockdown she has spent a lot of her short life in) new smells, new people, different food, tubes, buses, flights, late nights, new beds, it's a lot for her and the result is lots of grizzling, tantrums, disrupted sleep and very clingy.

"I know the special time we are getting together will be worth it for her but thought I'd share some of our realities of travelling with little ones.

"I am cherishing the endless hours together that I never get at home and happy to spend my day in a ball pit."

The Project host was praised for her candour, with many offering messages of support.

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