Carrie Bickmore breaks down in tears on live radio: 'So emotional'

"F**k! It's making me cry!"

Carrie Bickmore broke down in tears on Tuesday afternoon during her radio show, the HIT Network’s Carrie & Tommy show, revealing she's had a few bad days lately.

The presenter, who announced her split with her husband Chris Walker a year ago, was left stunned when her co-host Tommy Little organised for one of her favourite singers to surprise her on the show.

"[Carrie] had a crap week last week and we thought, instead of telling her that you’re going to be here, we could make it a surprise," Tommy told Raye, revealing Carrie was blindfolded and in a different room, and had no idea what was about to happen.

Carrie Bickmore
Carrie Bickmore has broken down in tears live on air during the HIT Network’s Carrie & Tommy show. Photo: Instagram/carrietommyshow

When Carrie sat down in the studio, Tommy revealed he had a surprise and Raye spoke to her, saying, "Hi Carrie, how are you doing? I heard you have really excellent taste in music, and I just wanted to say thank you for having great taste in music and for making me like three songs of your Spotify Wrapped!"

Carrie was stunned, responding, "I know who this is and I love it so much," as she took off her blindfold.


Tommy then played a section of Raye's song Ice Cream Man, which featured the lyrics, "Cause I’m a woman, I’m a very f***ing brave strong woman. And I’ll be damned if I let a man ruin how I walk, how I talk, how I do it."

As the song played, Carrie began tearing up, telling the singer, "F**k! It's making me cry!"

"That song's so emotional," the singer said.

Singer Raye
Singer Raye surprised Carrie on the show. Photo: Instagram/carrietommyshow

"It makes me absolutely so emotional every time I listen to it when I'm having a s**t day, and there's a lot of them, I'm like, 'F**k you!'" Carrie said.

Tommy agreed that he loves the song and is often belting it out as he's driving, with Raye saying "music is medicine" for the tough times people go through.

Speaking about the song and its meaning, Raye said, "The subject of that song is about trauma, and PTSD, and sexual assault and the 'r' word, it's all these things that I think are really, really, I find, really uncomfortable to talk about."

She added that it was her way to be "loud" about something she'd previously been quiet about is through music, saying that song will often leave her in tears when she's performing.

Carrie said she believed Raye was incredibly strong for sharing something so personal.


"What I'm talking about in that song is some of the ugliest experiences I've ever experienced as a human, and yet, I get to make something at least beautiful, something at least that allows other people to feel seen if they need it," Raye said, adding she's had therapists reach out and say they play it for patients going through similar things mentioned in the song.

"It's the ultimate validation of feeling less alone," she added. "A song like that really was medicine for me."

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