Bachelorette runner-up Timm Hanly's X-rated confession

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Timm Hanly pictured on Bachelorette
Bachelorette runner-up Timm Hanly has been flooded with nudes. Photo: Ten

He may not have come away from Thursday night’s finale with Angie Kent’s heart, but Bachelorette runner-up Timm Hanly has had plenty of other women throw themselves at him since getting his heart broken on national TV.

In a rather x-rated twist to the series’ conclusion, fireproofer Timm confessed that his Instagram DMs have been flooded with unsolicited nudes from fans.

“You go through my DMs and [some] girls just don’t even say hello, just bang, nude straight up,” he told KIISFM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show when directly asked about naughty snaps.

The hosts prompted him to go into more detail on what kinds of nudes he was receiving, and he laughed, “On the kitchen sink and that, ‘my mum’s not home’,” before adding that he just replies with the fire emoji.

Timm was the fan favourite going into the finale, and viewers were quick to express their dismay on Twitter after he walked away empty-handed – particularly after Angie described him as her ‘soul mate’.

The hashtag ‘#TeamTimm’ started circulating, but in spite of some fans’ hopes that Timm and Angie could rekindle their love, that no longer seems a possibility.

While on the night, he told Angie to DM him if things didn’t work out with winner Carlin Sterritt, Timm’s since changed his tune and revealed he’s not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with the Gogglebox star.

“I've moved on, I'm in a good place at the moment. I'm happy,” he told KIISFM.

That said, he thinks they’ll remain firm friends forever, and does regret not being more open and vulnerable earlier on in the season.

Angie Kent and Timm Hanly
Angie Kent described Timm as her 'soul mate' before dumping him for winner Carlin. Photo: Ten

Good news for Carlin and Angie

In other Bachelorette news, Carlin has confirmed that he is officially a divorced man after splitting from his wife whom he married in 2016.

“I am now divorced,” he told the Daily Telegraph, “It was pretty straightforward because we didn’t have any property or kids together, so we just filled out all the forms online.”

Carlin separated from his wife a year into their marriage, saying that they’d drifted apart. The revelation shocked Angie when he mentioned it on their first date, but now that the divorce has come through, she’s relieved.

“To me it has always just been a piece of paper but… there was this feeling I did get, this sense of relief,” she told the publication.

Taking to Instagram after the finale, Angie gushed about Carlin, saying, “Thank-you for fighting for us and knowing what we have was real and pure from the very beginning.”

“You are exactly what I wanted and more coming into this. I love you my Noh Noh.”

Meanwhile, Carlin replied in kind, writing, “I can confirm, that you can go on a reality TV show and find love. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s our love story! I love you Angie and I’m SO excited for a future with you.”

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